• Water-resistance material
  • Compass and Qibla finder
  • Convenient pocket style
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and foldable for travel
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TBF Portable Prayer Mat is a water-resistance prayer mat for outdoor. We understand some of our Muslim outdoors out there were looking for this kind of mat for a long time. This is not just like normal prayer mat. In fact it is complete with a compass and Qibla finder, which make it easy to find the direction of prayer.

Surprise yet that the sizing is really suitable for travel. You have been through that moment when you thought its better if you have some ‘clean sheet’ to cover the area to pray when the time is come, with this TBF Portable Prayer Mat, not just the package is lightweight, comprising, convenient in pocket size style and you can pray anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can as well make it as a blanket during a long travel in a flight when you feel a little cold. See? Multi-purpose. Worry less that it can be clean easily and is quick drying.

Feeling amuse yet? Let’s not be selfish, with this kind of material and best features you can get benefits from it, you can also buy some for your friends and family. Sharing the good stuff and beneficial like this prayer mat is not just about doing good to you but for them, without you realizing, you are giving some ‘love’ and you can always buy something like this for a happiness in their faces. Try it!

Features :

  • Material : Polyester fiber
  • Size: 60 x 100 CM
  • Compass and Qibla finder
  • Convenient pocket style
  • Light weight, can be put in pocket, purse or bag
  • Buy for yourself or as gift

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