FREE: Door Anchor
Tube Length 1.5m
Versatile, good replacements for dumbbells
Made of high-quality Malaysian Rubber
Padded Handles for secured and comforting grip
5 Different resistance levels to accommodate progressive strength training
Soft Grip Foam Handles
Instructional Manual and Door Anchor included inside

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Sanctband Active Tubing With Handle Features :
Need something that is cost-effective to train your strength for your workouts? Then you’re probably looking for the Sanctband Active Tubing!

The Sanctband Active Tubing with Handles is specially designed for users’ convenience while performing a complete workout. The attached handles are comfortable and suitable for daily workouts.

But, what advantage does this have over other workout equipment? Well for one, it is highly versatile. You can go from band squats to bicep curls almost immediately. Plus, it engages more muscles in your arms and shoulders than dumbbells due to the instability of the tubes. This is due to your muscle fibers all over your arms and shoulders are engaged to keep it stable.

Another bonus, it’s portable! Imagine carrying a dumbbell everywhere. Taking it out from under your bed is also a pain. But these tubings are so light and small, you can literally store it and bring it almost everywhere. It’s pretty much a gym in your pocket!

Don’t know how to use it? No worries! There’s an instruction manual inside that teaches you the workout routines that utilizes the tubing! Or if you want a more detailed guide, click here for a video guide on the various ways to use these bad boys in your workouts.

Additional information

Resistance Level

Light (Pink), Medium (Amber), Heavy (Purple), Extra Heavy (Teal), Super Heavy (Violet)