41″ (Lay flat)
Made of natural latex
7 colours with different resistance levels
Strength and flexibility training
Advanced resistance training
Core conditioning
Pull up assistance
Cross Training
Instructional Manual included inside

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Sanctband Active Super Loop Band Features :
Barbells are good for training, but they’re just a little too big and heavy to carry around, ain’t it? So, is there an alternative to barbells that still has similar functions? Oh, that’s a big YES! The Sanctband Active Super Loop Band does what barbells do, while being super portable and lightweight. It is pretty much a pocket gym! Just imagine carrying a barbell from A to B. It can be quite a pain. Plus, you need more space to store it!
Anyhow, don’t underestimate its looks, yo! It might look like a giant rubber band, but the Super Loop band is highly versatile. It helps with anything from sporting drills to gym exercises. Plus, it’s got 7 colour variants, each with different resistance levels. And, you can use it for neck, shoulder, arm, leg and waist exercises too!
It also comes with an instruction manual that demonstrates the various exercises you can do with the super loop band. Or, if you wanna check out what you can do with it before buying it, here’s a video on it.
Super Loop Band: 41″ (Lay flat)
Instructional Manual
Benefits of using Mini Loop Band:

Body Sculpting
Core Conditioning
Strength Training
Effective for both upper body and lower body
Materials: Natural Latex

Additional information

Resistance Level

Light (Pink), Medium (Amber), Heavy (Purple), Extra Heavy (Teal), Super Heavy (Violet), Extreme Heavy (Grey), Ultimate (Black)