Aftershokz’s top-selling headphone just got a makeover. OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday use, bringing you the best-in-class bone conduction technology and better features at an entry-level price.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP55 water resistant
  • 6 hours battery life
  • 3 EQ settings
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  • AFTERSHOKZ BEST-IN-CLASS ENTRY-LEVEL BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES. The most accessible way to try bone conduction headphones, without compromising on sound quality and Bluetooth chip. Perfect for sports and everyday use.
  • COMFORT AND SAFETY. Open-ear design has a comfortable listening experience, with nothing in, on or over ears, keeping situational awareness to ensure a safer environment than traditional headphones.
  • MARKET-LEADING with 625 applied patents worldwide, 9-year innovation and advancement, Aftershokz are the pioneers of bone conduction sport headphones and redefine the listening experience.
  • STAY PUT. The ergonomic wraparound design ensures OpenMove stay put, and the 29g lightweight means that the headphones feel almost weightless.
  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE AND GUARENTEE. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 provides and quick and stable connection . 6 hours battery life and 10 days standby time. Fast charging time of 2 hours with USB-C port.
  • 2 years local warranty by Aftershokz Malaysia (Nove Marketing Sdn Bhd)

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Slate Grey, Alpine White