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Challenge Requirement

Challenge Requirement

  • Record the high number of steps in your chosen category (Individual, Family & Friends or Corporate) within the challenge period of 14th January to 28th January 2022, to be entitled to a finisher e-certificate.
  • There is no minimum step requirement per individual team member.
  • Take a photo or screenshot of your step results and upload to our leaderboard at https://vr.checkpointspot.asia/submit/w4w2022
  • Your results submission must show the total step count and the date.
  • Duplicates are not allowed. For example, if there are two step count submissions with the same dates. We will accept the step count submission with the later date.
  • The organiser has the right to disqualify and void any submission that is suspicious and inconclusive.
  • The leaderboard is on best effort basis, subject to the information provided by participants and will be deemed as an official result. WFW does not endorse and certify the accuracy of the results.

Fundraising Guidelines

  • All funds raised will be used for granting wishes of critically ill children.
  • The fundraising campaign for Walk For Wishes is open for all to participate, regardless of whether you are a participant or not. You can set your own fundraising page here: https://www.simplygiving.com/event/walk-for-wishes-my
  • The fundraising period will begin from 3rd December 2021 to 28th January 2022.
  • There will also be fundraising leaderboards where you can have a friendly competition with other individuals or teams to see who raises the most funds.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q1: Is this an event that is happening at a specific time and I need to record my walk at a specific time?
A1: No, you don’t have to! A virtual walk is different from a physical walk event. The beauty of this virtual walk is it will be held in a step challenge format. Record and submit all your daily steps between 14th-28th January 2022. Every step counts, you can participate from anywhere, anytime. Record your first step when you get out of bed! It’s that easy. Any movement that records a step (walking to your car,  picking up your groceries, or dancing) will be included into your total step count for the day. Refer Q1 and Q2 for more details on how to track and submit your steps.

Q2. How do I start tracking my steps?
A2: This virtual walk will be held in the format of a step challenge.

  1. Download an app that can track steps or use your phone's default health app. E.g Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal.
  2. Go out for a walk and watch your step count increase.
  3. Take a screenshot of your total daily step count and submit it at  http://vr.checkpointspot.asia/submit/w4w2022

Your results will be displayed in the leaderboard of your respective category.
You can submit your results in batches.There is no time limit on results submission as long as you submit your results before 28th January 2022, 23:59 MYT.
If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact us at info@summersaultmy.com

Q3: How do I submit my results?
A3: Track your steps using any phone application or device that can track steps and submit a screenshot showing the daily step count at Checkpoint. Detailed instructions below:

Steps to submit results

  1. Vist http://vr.checkpointspot.asia/submit/w4w2022
  2. Key in your IC Number/Passport Number to log in.
  3. On the Results Submission page, scroll to the bottom and you will see the “Manual Result Submission” header.
  4. Fill up all the necessary fields under “Manual Results Submission”.
  5. Upload a screenshot of your step evidence under the “Upload Your Photos” question.
  6. Click the “Save” button.
  7. The results will be displayed at the leaderboard page after verification.

Q4: When is the last day to submit the result? Do I need to submit the result daily?
A4: Result submission is required to be done within the submission period which is between 14 January 2022, 00:00 (GMT+8) to 28 January 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8). You can submit your results at any day, as long as it is within the submission period.

Q5 : What if I do not know how to use any Apps, how can I participate and how can I submit my mileage?
A5: Please email Summersault Digital (info@summersaultmy.com) for further assistance.

Q6: Is it limited to outdoor walk only?
A6: Indoor walking via treadmill, dancing, or using foot pedal aid is accepted, as long as the steps are tracked with a device or app that can track steps. Refer to Q1 for steps on how to submit results for your indoor walk.

Q7: Will my steps collected before the participation date count?
A7 : No, your steps will be collected from the date and time of the start of the event, which is between 14 January 2022, 00:00 (GMT+8) to 28 January 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8).

Q8: Who is eligible to participate in this event?
A8: This event is open to anyone located anywhere because it is a virtual event.

Q9: When will I receive the add-on purchases I ordered?
A9: All merchandise will be shipped by 31st March 2022 (Delay may occur due to the COVID-19 situation).

Q10: Do I have to pay additional shipping fees for add-on purchases?
A10: Yes, you will have to pay additional shipping fees. Our shipping rates are as follows:

  1. Local: RM10 for West Malaysia & RM20 for East Malaysia
  2. International: Shipping rates vary according to country. We ship to the following countries: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Do note that if there are additional charges for international shipping due to custom duties etc, we will contact you for additional payment processing before we proceed with shipping. For any other countries that are not listed above, please email info@summersaultmy.com and we will help you check if it is possible to ship your purchase. 

Q11: If I decide not to do the walk, can I get a refund?
Q11: All paid registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Q12 : If my team did not submit any steps, will I still be entitled to receive the participant e-certificate?
A12 : Yes, you will still receive your finisher e-certificate if you have submitted your steps.

Q13: What do I do if I enter the wrong information during registration
A13 : Please email to info@checkpointspot.asia with the changes you want to make.
*Note: We will use the details in your registration for communications and giveaways, please ensure it is correct.

Q14: Why didn't I receive any information from Checkpoint Spot / W4W?
A14 : Please check your email or spam mail folder for our email after a successful registration. If it was in the spam folder, do mark us as “Not Spam” as announcements and updates will be informed through email.

Q15: Will I receive a tax exemption receipt for my donation?
A15: The Joining Fee (RM30) and any additional donations will be eligible for tax deduction. Purchase add-ons are not eligible for tax deduction. Purchase add-ons are not eligible for tax deduction. Email Make-A-Wish Malaysia at info@makeawish.org.my with your proof of donation to claim your tax exemption receipt.

Terms & Conditions


Event Description & Eligibility

  • Walk For Wishes 2022 Virtual Walk (“W4W”) is co-organised by Make-A-Wish Malaysia and Summersault Digital.
  • Participants aged below 18 years old should get parental consent or supervision upon registering, and all participants warrant to provide true, accurate, current and complete personal information during registration.
  • This Event is a virtual event. Participants can participate from any location from all around the world.

Registration terms

  • The Organiser may contact the Participants at any time by e-mail or text message. Any notice sent to the e-mail address registered with the Organiser shall be considered as received by the Participants. If the Participants provide any information that is inaccurate, untrue, not current or incomplete, the Organiser reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Participants' registration and fees will not be refunded.
  • Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation slip via email. The participants shall inform W4W via email if the Confirmation Slip has not been received or if there is any discrepancy in the Confirmation Slip. The Participants must report to W4W within five (5) working days from registration date.
  • The Confirmation Slip is the only valid proof of confirmed registration and to be used for the participants’ entitlements.
  • No size exchanges for race shirts after the order has been placed.

Health advisory

  • Participants must be certified fit to participate in this event. The Organiser shall not be liable for any accident, injuries or mishap that may occur during participation of Walk For Wishes 2022.
  • All Participants must comply with the Covid-19 pandemic Standard Operating Procedures that are set out by the Government when performing the Event challenge. W4W shall not be liable for any breach against any rules, regulations and laws by the Participant. You can refer to the latest SOP by Kementerian Belia & Sukan Malaysia at http://www.kbs.gov.my/sop-sukan-rekreasi.html

Event participation

  • Step count via walking, jogging, dancing, walking on treadmill or using foot pedal aid is accepted. Participants need to track their activity using any step-tracking app (e.g Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal) and submit a screenshot of the tracking device as proof. Participants can submit photos of the treadmill dashboard or video recording on dancing as results record. Make sure proof of date and time is visible. Final results will be based on the steps shown on the step tracking app.
  • Participants must submit race results with proof. W4W reserves the right to disqualify and void any submission that is suspicious and inconclusive.
  • All submissions are to be submitted at: https://vr.checkpointspot.asia/submit/w4w2022 Result submission is open from 12:00AM, 14 January 2022 to 11:59PM, 28th January 2022.
  • Finisher e-certificates will be given to participants who have successfully submitted and completed the respective registered category within the event period.
  • The leaderboard is on best effort basis, subject to the information provided by participants and will be deemed as an official result. W4W does not endorse and certify the accuracy of the results.
  • If there is a return of parcel for any reason; upon request, the Organiser will arrange to resend the parcel but the delivery charges will be borne by participants. Any address changes after registration will incur additional charges.
  • If there are any unforeseen circumstances which may result in having to cancel or postpone the event, the registration fees will be non-refundable. W4W will inform the participants via email as soon as the decision is made. In view of the pandemic, the Organiser will also make such decisions in accordance with the Covid19 SOP issued by the Malaysian government.
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