Penang Island is blessed with amazing numbers of trails for many decades. Blazed by the local inhabitants of Penang, these trails link up various heritage sites and points of interests all over the island. Starting from Youth Park and Botanical gardens, the trails spread out from the north to central and southern part of the Island, from Air Itam, Batu Ferringhi, to Teluk Bahang and Balik Pulau.

For decades, Penang people have taken to these trails during many of their weekends and public holidays. Some trails are easy and popular for the leisure weekend hikers, while others are rather hilly and less chartered which provide interesting challengers to serious climbers and trail runners.

Yet, for a long time, most of Penang trails have been a mystery for a lot of people in the Northern parts of Peninsula Malaysia, and Malaysia in general. Many Penang people have not been exposed to the many beauties and challenges of these trails.

Until Sep 2018. Ultimate Trails of Penang is conceived with a passion for nature trails. Following the successful inaugural edition on 23rd Sep 2018, where more than 400 participants signed up despite the late opening of registration 3 months prior to the race date. Participants have given the race a rave review. In 2019, with a new 100km distance category with elevation gain of 5500 m added to the original 3 categories of 20km, 40km, and 60km, we managed to attract over 600 participants from more states and more countries. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 3rd edition was only held in Oct 2022, but with 990 runners signed up for the event. Despite changes and diversions made to the original route which reduced the toughness of this race, UToP has been widely recognized as one of the toughest 100km trail race in Malaysia.

In 2023, building on the categories that have been organized so far in the first 3 editions, we will be adding in a 100 miles category as well, which would have a cut off time of 48 hours.

Ultimate Trails of Penang (UTOP) takes place at Penang Municipal Park or Taman Perbandaran Pulau Pinang which is well known as Penang’s Youth Park.

Course Description :

  • All categories 100 miles, 100km, 60km, 40km, 20km & 12km flag-off from Penang’s Youth Park
  • UTOP begins from Penang’s Youth Park – Jalan Kebun Bunga – Waterfall Café - Botanical Gardens (Main entrance) - Fork (Left) – Orchid Garden – Bamboo Garden – Trailhead of Mount Olivia
  • Mount Olivia Trail – Top of Mount Olivia – Mount Olivia Mountain-Bike-Trail (MTB) - Coronation Trail – Junction Trail 46 (via Mount Olivia - Old Crag Hotel trail) - Station 46 rest area – Station 47 rest area – Cross Jeep Track - Trail to 84 uphill – Fork (Left) – Trail 84 to Cendana Hill until descent to Station 84 rest area which is Checkpoint #1 Station 84
  • From Checkpoint #1 Station 84 shortest distance category 12km will proceed to Finishing Line at Penang’s Youth Park. Other categories enter short downhill trail until reach Hye Keat Estate trail junction (Turn Right uphill – for 20km which will pass Buddhist stupas until merge with the main trail that is slightly above the Middle station. As for 100km, 60km & 40km turn left downhill until bottom hill cross a small bridge Sungai Ayer Puteh and heading to Hill Railway Station Road to enter side trail at Penang Hill Bottom Station which leads to Penang’s Heritage Trail 1890
  • 100km, 60km & 40km continue on ‘Heritage Trail since 1890’ until slightly above the Middle Station (where 20km runners will pass and merge on the same ascending trail
  • Upon reaching Claremont Station turn right and up to Claremont trail until Viaduct Station & Viaduct West Road 20km, 40km, 60km & 100km : Proceed on Penang Hill By Path G – By Path F and enter By Path A to Penang Hill Summit Road (Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra)
  • 20km & 40km will proceed to turn left heading to Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead; while 60km & 100km turn right heading towards Dataran Bukit Bendera and pass by The Habitat main entrance - Jeep Track until entrance of Uplands School & Old Crag Hotel main entrance which is Checkpoint #2 Old Crag Hotel Penang Hill
  • 60km & 100km will proceed on towards Checkpoint #3 Chin Farm Dam onwards; while 40km & 20km to continue to Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead. From here 20km to continue on Moniot 1825 trail descending before entering Moniot Road East trail towards Station 84 for the 2nd time; which is Checkpoint #11 Station 84
  • At Checkpoint #4 Tiger Hill trailhead; 60km & 100km later will merge with 40km and continue towards a small stream and cross a small bridge into Tiger Hill ascending trail heading to Checkpoint #5 Kek Lok Si onwards
  • 60km & 100km : From Checkpoint #2 Old Crag Hotel the course is heading to behind the main building over the right-side until left turn into trailhead to Rain Gauge 9 - Western Hill East trail
  • From Rain Gauge 9, take left into connecting trail to Batu Feringghi and later turn right into another connecting trail which is Batu Feringghi Aqueduct – Bukit Chempedak trail via Rain Gauge 20
  • Cross the river at Sungai Batu Feringghi and proceed to Aqueduct Service Road which heads to Batu Feringghi Dam & Reservoir (Checkpoint #3 Chin Farm)
  • Cross the river at Batu Feringghi Dam and start ascending to Station 10 of Laksamana Hill trail
  • At middle Laksamana Hill Station 10, 100km will split to turn right downhill to Checkpoint #4 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang. 60km to continue ascend to the peak of Laksamana Hill’s Eagle Point towards next location Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead which will also be same trail for 100km after returning on the main trail after Checkpoint #8 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang
  • For 100km, from Checkpoint #4 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang exit the main entrance and turn right to Jalan Teluk Bahang. Continue on and take 2nd exit at the roundabout to Jalan Teluk Awak fishery village before entering Penang’s National Park.
  • 100km will enter main entrance and proceed to Sg. Tukun trail and Pantai Kerachut trail where Checkpoint #5A Pantai Kerachut is located. From here, continue to Teluk Kampi trail and Kem Seraya towards Bukit Batu Hitam peak. Make a U-turn to Kem Seraya to Checkpoint #5B Pantai Kerachut
  • Continue reverse on Kerachut trail until reach Taman Negara main entrance and return to next Checkpoint #6 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang. From here exit the main entrance and turn straight to parking area Teluk Bahang Dam. Take the stairs up to Teluk Bahang Dam and turn left to main entrance of the dam. Turn right to Jalan Teluk Bahang and continue on the road track until next checkpoint which is Checkpoint extra Tropical Fruit Farm
  • From there, enter farmer’s trail towards next Checkpoint #7 Kampung Pantai Acheh. Make a U-turn on the same trail towards Checkpoint Extra Tropical Fruit Farm
  • Continue on the main road returning to Checkpoint #8 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang via downhill of Jalan Teluk Bahang
  • After Checkpoint #8 Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang, proceed uphill towards Station 10 of Laksamana Hill and merges with 60km will continue ascend to the peak of Laksamana Hill’s Eagle Point towards next location Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead which will also be same trail for 60km main trail.
  • From Station 10 of Laksamana Hill, 60km & 100km proceed to Laksamana Hill peak and heading to Western Hill East which is the exit of Laksamana Hill trail
  • 60km & 100km Turn right on the tarmac road until reach By Path E which is the location of Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead
  • 40km, 60km & 100km : from Checkpoint #9 Tiger Hill trailhead continue towards a small stream and cross a small bridge into Tiger Hill ascending trail
  • Rain Gauge 29 is located at the peak of Tiger Hill. Make right turn to descend until reaching common trail of Tiger Hill – Penang Hill. And turn left heading towards Iron Cross
  • From Iron Cross, take the trail facing in front which is Terrapin Trail or also known as Ngoh Hean Jungle trail until tarmac road of Ngoh Hean Hill. Turn left to a cross junction that is known as ‘Hilton Hut’
  • Again take the trail facing forward – Penara Hill trail until reaching tarmac road of Bukit Penara service road
  • A very slight short downhill to enter Penara Hill trail which will lead to tarmac road of 1200 Steps Temple Path
  • Exit Penara Hill nature trail and continue downhill on tarmac road until Checkpoint #10 Kek Lok Si which is located nearby Kuan Yin Statue & Octagonal Pavilion and Kek Lok Si White Pagoda.
  • From Checkpoint #5 Kek Lok Si continue to exit the main entrance gate and turn left into Air Itam dam service road until reaching Air Itam Dam towards playground area and proceed to a short trail before veer left to proceed uphill towards Sitavana Vihara & Buddhist Monastery before entering Mon Sejour nature trail
  • Mon Sejour Old House Ruins is visible at the end of the trail. From there move forward Upper Tunnel Road until merge into Viaduct Road West where it crosses path with 20km.
  • For all categories 20km, 40km, 60km & 100km : Proceed straight to enter short Viaduct Road East before entering Moniot Road East trail until arrive at Station 84 again for the 2nd time; which is the last checkpoint rest area Checkpoint #11 Station 84
  • From Checkpoint #11 Station 84 turn into Point 5 trail until reaching the junction to Station 39
  • From Station 39 proceed downhill to Station 45 and later to Laman Flora at Youth Park trail heading towards the main field area where the finishing line is located

Route Map

100 Miles Route Map 100 Miles

100KM Route Map 100KM Route Map 100KM

60KM Route Map 60KM Route Map 60KM

40KM Route Map 40KM Route Map 40KM

20KM Route Map 20KM Route Map 20KM

12KM Route Map 12KM Route Map 12KM

Event Details

Starting and Finishing Venue: Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park, Penang Island

12 km
Race Date: 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 8.00 am
Cut Off Time: 12.00 noon
Duration: 4 hours

Race Date: 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 7.00 am
Cut Off Time: 2.00 pm
Duration: 7 hours

Race Date: 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 2.00 am
Cut Off Time: 2.00 pm
Duration: 12 hours

Race Date: 7- 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 5.00 am 7th Oct
Cut Off Time: 1:00 am 8th Oct
Duration: 20 hours

Race Date: 7- 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 4.00 am 7th Oct
Cut Off Time: 2:00 pm 8th Oct
Duration: 34 hours

100 miles
Race Date: 6- 8th Oct 2023
Start Time: 2.00 pm 6th Oct
Cut Off Time: 2:00 pm 8th Oct
Duration: 48 hours

Registration Fee








Early Bird














Late Entries








Closing of Registration:  15th Sep 2023

Early Bird :  Before 1 Jan 2023
Standard :  1st Jan 2023 – 31st July 2023
Late Entry : 1st Aug 2023- 15th Sep 2023

Race Pack Collection

Time :  10:00am – 6:00pm  
Date :  Fri 6th Oct 2023
Venue :   Lobby Hall, Penang City Stadium, Penang

For runners who are NOT ABLE to pick up the race packs on Fri 6th Oct 2023:

100miles:  You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 2pm to 3:00 pm Fri 7th Oct 2023 before the 100miles race start at 4:00pm Fri 6th Oct 2023.

100km:  You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 2am to 3:00 am Sat 7th Oct 2023 before the 100km race start at 4:00am Sat 7th Oct 2023.

60km : You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 3:00 am to 4:00 am Sat 7th Oct 2023 before the 60km race start at 5:00am Sat 7th Oct 2023.

40 km:  You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 10:00 am Sat 7th Oct 2023 to 1:00 am  Sun 8th Oct 2023 before the 40 km race start at 2:00am Sun 8th Oct 2023.

2 km: You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 4:00 am to 6:00 am  8th Oct 2023 before the 20km race start at 7:00am 8th Oct 2023. 

12 km: You may collect them at Lapangan Memanah, Youth Park (starting venue) from 5:00 am to 7:00 am  8th Oct 2023 before the 12km race start at 8:00am 8th Oct 2023. 




Top 5 trophies/prizes

Men Open (below 40 yrs old)
Men Veteran (40 and above)

Top 10 Trophies/Prizes

 Men -  Only 1 Open category
*No veteran category

Top 5 trophies/prizes

Women Open (below 40 yrs old)
Women Veteran (40 and above)

Top 10 Trophies/Prizes

Women - Only 1 Open category
*No veteran category

  • All finishers will be awarded with Finisher Medals
  • Only 40km, 60km, 100km and 100 miles finishers will be awarded with Finisher Tees

T-Shirt Sizing Chart

T-Shirt Sizing Chart

Terms & Regulations



  1. Runners must complete the set course on foot by their own power and ability within the stipulated time; Trekking poles is allowed for runners of all categories.
  2. Drinking cups will not be provided at any of the water station points.
  3. 12k, 20k, 40k, 60k and 100k runners must have their own cup or other personal container suitable for the purpose of drinking and eating.
  4. No pacers are allowed to run along with the runners for all categories.
  5. Personal assistance (support crew) along the running route is Not Allowed except at official water stations for all categories. Runners are encouraged to bring along cash during the race to purchase food and beverages on their own along the route.


  1. Runners must understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an ultra-long distance road running race. He/she will be running all day and night on the road and trails. He/she must have undertaken the necessary training to compete in such an event.
  2. Runners will be responsible for his/her own safety by having the ability and skills to deal with problems that may be encountered during the race of this nature.
  3. Runners must be able to undertake or deal with on his/her own without any other external assistance during the deteriorating weather conditions (e.g. raining, strong winds, hot sun and etc..) and other unforeseen circumstances arises while running on the road and/or trails.
  4. Runners who accept any assistance and support from any person may be disqualified.
  5. In the event of a runner meeting another runner who is in health difficulty or injured, he/she must stop to help and inform the race organizer to seek for medical assistance. Failure to do so may result in penalties or disqualification being imposed to the runner or runners concerned.


  1. By entering the race, each runner undertakes to take with him/her all the mandatory items as listed below throughout the race.
  2. Failure to do so will result in application of the time penalties or disqualification.
  3. Mandatory items (gear checks will be carried out on all runners before the race starts, and spot checks may be carried out along the route during the race):

    100 miles, 100km & 60km Category
    1. 100 miles & 100km - Headlamp x 2, spare batteries x 2 sets
    2. 60km – Headlamp x 1, spare batteries x 1 set
    3. Whistle
    4. Mobile Phone
    5. 1.5 litre water carrying capacity
    6. Own cups/bowls and spoons/forks
    7. Emergency blanket

    40km Category
    1. Headlamp x 1, spare batteries x 1 set
    2. Whistle
    3. Mobile Phone
    4. 1.5 litre water carrying capacity
    5. Own cups/bowls and spoons/forks
    6. Emergency blanket

    12km/20km Category
    1. 1 litre water carrying capacity
    2. Mobile phone
    3. Own cups; (no cup will be given at water stations)

    Recommended (not compulsory)
    1. Blinking light
    2. Sport foods & Gels
    3. Rucksack or waist bag
    4. Head gear or cap or bandana
    5. Sun UV block
    6. Cash
    7. Route Map and Elevation Map


  1. Each bib is given individually to each runner in the Race Pack, upon presentation of suitable identity document
  2. Each runner will be given one bib number: this must be worn and clearly visible on the chest or stomach or on the back of the backpack carried by the runners
  3. The bib number is required for access to the water station areas, physio treatment, rest rooms etc
  4. To encourage more participation, Bib is transferable free of charge before 31 Jul 2023. Thereafter, race bib is transferable at a cost of RM 50 before 31 Aug 2023, RM 100 before 7th Oct 2023
  5. Upgrade and downgrade will be allowed at a cost of RM 50 before 31 Jul 2023, RM 100 from 1 Sep 2023 to 7th Oct 2023
  6. No fee is refundable after the registration is completed, even in the event when the race is cancelled or postponed.


  1. The racecourse will be marked with reflective tapes and signs along the course and at major junctions
  2. Runners must follow the directions given by the race organizer during the race briefing


  1. There is no drop bag for all categories except for 100 miles (2x) and 100km (1x)
  2. 100 Miles ( 1 drop bag at start/finish, 1 drop bag at Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang
  3. 100 km (1 drop bad at Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang (31km and 65km)


In order to ensure race safety, race organizer will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race. However, each participant must recognize and understand that there are risks of injuries and/or accidents associated with trail running. Runners are participating in this race at his/her own risk

  1. While the race organizer has purchased Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance coverage (hospitalization) for this event, it is strongly recommended that the runners obtained an adequate Personal Accident Insurance coverage for himself
  2. Medical points will be set up at certain water stations
  3. If necessary, and in the interests of the person being rescued, at the exclusive discretion of the organizers, the official medical rescue services may be called upon to take over operations, using any means they consider appropriate, including an ambulance. Any costs deriving from such exceptional transport will be charged to the person who has been rescued
  4. Depending on the runner health conditions, an emergency evacuation may be required. This emergency evacuation will be at the expenses of the person being rescued
  5. The official race medical assistants are authorized to withdraw from the competition any runners that they consider as unfit to continue or are in danger. The runner bib will be removed as part of the DNF (Did Not Finish) procedures
  6. If a runner drops out from the race, runner must first inform and register with the nearest checkpoints that he/she is dropping out. Proper “DNF” procedure should be followed and completed before the runner is allowed to leave the event
  7. In case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the race headquarters, you can also call the public emergency number ‘999’ directly for help
  8. The race organizers reserves the right to implement any additional measures at any time to enhance and protect the safety of the race and the runners before the race and during the race


  1. The timing will be recorded at the checkpoints/water station points established by the organizers
  2. Only runners sporting their regular bib number will have access to the water station
  3. No water cups will be dispensed to the runners. Runners will need to use their own cups or containers for any drinks served at the check points or water stations
  4. The route map, which can also be downloaded online, will contain accurate indications of the water station points
  5. The organisers reserve the rights to carry out mandatory item checks at any of the check points and other unspecified points along the route during the race
  6. Food and drinks at the water station points are solely for runners only


  1. The maximum time allotted for completion of the race are:
    • 12km – 4 hours
    • 20km – 7 hours
    • 40km – 12 hours
    • 60km – 19 hours
    • 100km – 34 hours
    • 100miles - 48 hours
  2. In the event of poor weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organisers reserve the rights to suspend the race or to make changes to the cut-off times

DNF (Did not Finish) PROCEDURES

  1. Runners may DNF voluntarily or by missing the stipulated cut-off times at various checkpoints along the race course
  2. Runner who decides to pull out voluntarily must proceed to the nearest checkpoint, inform and register with the race staffs by signing a DNF Form, and the bib will be specially marked to indicate the DNF status of the runners
  3. Runners who fail to arrive at the checkpoints within the stipulated cut-off times will not be allowed to continue running in the race. His/her bib will be specially marked, and a DNF Form will need to be signed
  4. Runner who fails to notify the organisers immediately of his/her voluntary DNF, thereby setting in motion a search and rescue operations by the rescue staff, will be liable to pay for any costs deriving there-from
  5. Runner who has DNFed from the race are not allowed to continue his/her run. IF he/she insists on continuing running, he/she is NO LONGER in this event, and will be running entirely on his/her own accord and at his/her own risk. The organizer reserves the right to ban this kind of runner from future edition of Ultimate Trails of Penang
  6. The DNF runners should rest at a bright, safe place with sufficient phone coverage and wait for a non scheduled race shuttle for pick up and delivery to the finish point
  7. If runner is unable to move on his/her own, either return to the nearest water station point he/she has just left or to the next water station point. Please contact the emergency number ‘999’ or the race headquarters to seek for assistance


  1. Not carrying the mandatory items during the race, including not wearing reflector vest or bright blinking accessories during the night
  2. Taking shortcuts and/or running off the track
  3. Throw any garbage along the running route
  4. Cheating (e.g. using other means of transportation, using substitute runners and other unlawful actions)
  5. Not abiding by the rules and regulation given by the race organizer and official race staffs including medical assistants, emergency staffs and marshals
  6. Not wearing the race bib at all times during the race
  7. Continue to run after the cut off time without the agreement of race officials; 8. Doping and the use of prohibited drugs
  8. Running with his/her supporters PENALTIES
  9. Breaking of any rules may incur a time penalties or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organizer’s discretion and are final.


Suggestions must be in writing and must be presented after the closing ceremony of the event at the finishing point or send to


  1. The organizers reserve the rights, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the route and checkpoints/water station points or to the time deadlines
  2. In the event of adverse weather conditions (a strong depression with heavy rain), the start of the race may be postponed for 6 hours at most, after which time the race will be cancelled
  3. Where necessary, the organizers reserve the rights to make changes to or eliminate certain stretches of the route


  1. The race winner of each categories will be the runner that takes the shortest time (Gun time) to reach the finish point
  2. Reaching the checkpoints/water station points along the route does not in itself entitle the runner to a place in the rankings and the corresponding points awarded for a qualifying race
  3. To be awarded, runner must complete the overall race within the final cutoff time of the race; and fulfill the mandatory items requirement
  4. No prize money will be given
  5. Prizes will be awarded as below:
    • 12KM/20KM : Top 5 Trophies/Prizes for Men/Women Open (Below 40 yrs old) and Men/Women Veteran (40 and Above)
      40/60/100km/100miles : Top 10 Trophies/Prizes for Only 1 Men/Women Open Category. No Veteran Category.
    • There will be no cash prizes for this event
    • All finishers will be awarded with Finisher Medals
    • Only 40km, 60km and 100km finishers will be awarded with Finisher Tees

Each participant expressly foregoes his/her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race, and undertakes not to take any action against the organizers and their authorized partners for the use of his/her image.


Organizer Name: Endurance Nature Sdn Bhd
Contact No.: +6013-277 6289