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Tampin Hill
Mount Tampin located at Tampin district, Negeri Sembilan, have an altitude of 764 meter from sea level. Mount Tampin has Hill Dipterocarp forest and Upper Dipterocarp forest. There are many flora on this mountain that have medicinal value.
Mount Tampin is also geographically, the end of the Titiwangsa Range. The Tampin District Council has built several ponds on this mountain to enable visitors to enjoy the clarity of the water that is still preserved. Apart from that, there is also a route along about 5 km to the top of the mountain which is also often used as a jogging and leisure track by the public in the afternoons and weekends.

Gunung Datuk
Mount Datuk is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The highest point is around 885 meter. Mount Datuk is one of the favorite places for nature lovers and adventure seekers to do some exercise or relaxing during weekend & public holiday. It holds many treasures of the natural tropical rainforests and there's a formation of big rocks at the summit.

To Promote Tampin/Rembau Town, Tampin Hill, G. Datuk and the mountain & eco-channel around it. Tampin as a district which is located at the border of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka and was previously known as Tampin Board of District.
Trans Naning consists of 7 peak, start at Tampin Selatan and end at Gunung Datuk Peak. With the highest peak at Gunung Rembau (885 meters).
Trans Naning Trail is a moderate trail, challenge & very slippery when wet, and full of thorn all the way. Hardest climb from Kem Ultra, both side towards Tampin Hill and Gunung Datuk, with 500 meters gained on both up to 700 meter altitude. In the wet season, leeches are active from Tampin Selatan to Kem Ultra, but less closer to Gunung Datuk.

Event information

Event Date : 5 - 7 Aug 2022
Venue : Tampin Water Park, Negeri Sembilan
Duration : 60 hours
Distance/Elevation : 165km / 10900M D+

Category, Distance & Elevation Gained



Elevation D+



 Legend (5 loops)



12am 5/8

60 Hours

 Elite (4 loops)



12pm 5/8

48 Hours

 Challenger (3 loops)



10pm 5/8

38 Hours

 Ultra (2 loops)



8am 6/8

28 Hours

 Classic (1loop)



10pm 6/8

14 Hours

Age Group & Category Criteria






18 years & above


18 years & above



18 – 39 years

40 – 49 years

50 years & above


18 – 39 years

40 – 49 years

50 years & above


16 – 39 years

40 – 49 years

50 years & above

 Fun Run

No age limit

Criteria to qualified for Elite category

  • Finished of any 100km trail events.

Criteria to qualified for Legend category

  • Finished 160km or above trail running event.
  • Finished single or multi stage ultra-trail marathon more than 200km.

Legend Category

  • If there’s a finisher on the current year, 1 hour of the total COT will be taken out at the following year (Number of finisher doesn’t matter).
  • The hour taken out shall be deduct, start from the first loop.
  • With the new total COT, if there’s finisher again at the 2nd year, the hour deducted will be follow by the 2nd loop, and so on, and then back to the first loop.
  • No COT will be deduct on the following year, if no finisher in the current event calendar.
  • The finisher of the Legend category will be receive a grafted trophy, with your finishing time, and the history of finisher & timing.

Entry Fee


(18/4/22 - 8/5/22)

(9/5/22 - 15/6/22)

(16/6/22 - 3/7/22)

 Legend (By Qualification)




 Elite (By Qualification)
















 Fun Run





  • All registration must be made online at CheckpointSpot
  • Registrations fees are none transferable
  • No cancellation of the registrations
  • Change of bib and category must be made before 17 July 2022, with a charge of RM50
  • All category are open for 18 year and above.
  • Classic category open for age 16 year & above.
  • No age limit for fun run category.

Participants Entitlements

  • Event T-shirt
  • High Quality finishing T-shirt (no finishing tee for fun run category)
  • Finishing Medal
  • Bib number & electronic tag
  • E-Certificate
  • Race refreshment
  • Legend & Elite Finisher will receive an extra crafted trophy

Award & Prizes

  • Top 10 for category Classic, Ultra & Challenger, open & veteran category, men & women, will be awarded trophy, medal and E-certificate of achievement.
  • Top 5 for category Classic, Ultra & Challenger, master category, men & women, will be awarded trophy, medal and E-certificate of achievement.
  • Finisher of Elite category & Legend category will be award a special trophy of achievement, with positions & timing.
  • Other finisher will be awarded a medal, finishing t-shirt, and e-Certificate of achievement.
  • Fun run will be award a finishing medal & e-Certificate.
  • e-Certificates can be downloaded from CheckpointSpot website.

T-Shirt Design & Measurement

Himalaya Sports TransNaning Ultra Challenge 2022

Course Map & Profile

Himalaya Sports TransNaning Ultra Challenge
Route Statistic


 33 km

Total Ascent/Descent

 2180 m / 2172 m

Lowest Point

 39 m (at 11.34 km)

Highest Point

 859 m (at 17.37 km)


 14.22 km (43.6%)


 16.20 km (49.7%)


 2.16 km (6.6%)

Height Gain

 820 m

Steepest Uphill

 +218.9% (at 14.67 km)

Steepest Downhill

 -51.1% (at 2.79 km)

Longest Uphill

 3.78 km (at 13.59 km)

Longest Downhill

 2.25 km (at 20.52 km)

Himalaya Sports TransNaning Ultra Challenge

Course Marking & Checkpoints

Course Marking

  • Race course will be mark with tape and direction sign in all junction.
  • Reflective tape will be mark on trees.

Check point & water station

  • Drinking water will be provided
  • All runners exit the COT are not allowed to carry on.
  • Snacks or light refreshment will be provided in specific CP/WS

Mandatory Items

Mandatory item (for all category)

  • Hydration bag with at least 1.5 litre of water
  • Waterproof rain Jacket
  • Working headlamp
  • Blinker
  • Mobile phone
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Face mask
  • GPX File (have to be uploaded into your watch or mobile phone)

Recommended Apparel & Gears

  • Long sleeves top
  • Long tight
  • Cap
  • Trekking poles
  • Gloves
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Bandana
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglass
  • Universal oil

Marketplace (Buying/Selling/Swapping Bibs)

Buying/Selling/Swapping bibs are allowed on CPS Bib Marketplace.

Marketplace period : 4 July - 17 July 2022

Take note that the buyer will also buy over the shirt size from seller. No shirt size change is allowed.

  • Login to your profile on + click on your DASHBOARD then Release Slot.
  • You will be given a unique code to release your slot to your buyer.
  • You can choose to either list your bib publicly on the marketplace page or deal privately with your chosen buyer

  • You may browse through the bibs listed on Bib Marketplace at : Marketplace Listing and contact the seller to negotiate

C - TO SWAP (upgrade or downgrade category)
  • You can either search for the wanted slot on Bib Marketplace at : Marketplace Listing or if you already have preferred seller/buyer, you can obtain your CODE through step (A) above, exchange your CODES with each other and register accordingly on our registration page : Register here with Transfer Code

  • No refund and registration remain for the event. Your released slot will be reinstated when marketplace closed.

Admin fees charges of RM50.00 will be applied for the bib marketplace process.

Health Declaration Form

Download HSTUC22 Health Declaration Form

Download, print and fill in the Health Declaration form. (RM1 will be charged to get the form at race venue)
• Proceed to St. John Ambulance booth with a valid vaccine E-Certificate & NRIC/Passport.
• Blood Pressure test by SJAM First aider.
• Health Declaration form need to be stamped

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants need to carry all mandatory item with them.
  2. No start of the participants without a working head lamp and blinker/glow stick.
  3. Switch off the head lamp In the dark will be disqualified.
  4. Late start should never exist 15 minutes from the official starting time.
  5. Participants will need to follow the instruction from crew on the road section.
  6. Participants can only run/walk at the safety zone organized by the event organizer, with advised by the Taffic Department of Royal Malaysia Police.
  7. Participants will need to queue at the check point or water station, on first come first basis.
  8. Participants who no need to refill can by-pass the queue and proceed to carry on.
  9. Cutting queue means no water to be refill and can lead to the disqualification due to ‘no drinking water’
  10. Face mask must be wear at all Check Point/Water Station.

Standard Order Procedure (SOP)

  • 3 pcs of face mask by participants (Mandatory)
  • Hand sanitizer (Mandatory)
  • E-Certificate of vaccinated (Mandatory)
  • All participants entering “Mask On Zone” must put on their mask.
  • Participant will need to Q at least 1 meter a part to pass the check point or water station, in first come first basis.
  • Open for completed vaccinated person only.

*** 2 doses with over 14 days ***

*** Completed with booster is encouraging ***

  • On the spot self RTK test will be carry out during the REPC.

(Test kit will be provided with cost to be paid by participants & their support crew)

  • Participants will be limited to the quantity allowed by the local authority.
  • Everyone entering the event premises must be check-in with MySejahtera apps with their smart phone ONLY.
  • Body temperature must be scan and hand sanitiser need to be applied.
  • Personal support crew (for Legend & Elite Category) and public must wear face mask at all time.
  • Participants will have the specific toilet and shower facilities located for their convenient.
  • Event authorities, event crew, volunteers or personal support crew are allowed to leave the participants tent, but body temperature, scan with MySejahtera, and hand sanitiser need to be apply each time they enter the event area.

Other Information


  • All mandatory item are enforced.
  • Mandatory item check may carry out at certain check point from time to time.
  • Disobey or disrespect the instructions from marshal or crew may lead to the disqualifications.
  • Disqualification apply for any of the mandatory item missing during the ongoing category.

Participants responsibilities

  • Participants need to be aware of their own safety.
  • Participants need to ensure their mandatory items are working and always carry with them.
  • Participants have to be aware of the official Cut Of Time.
  • Participants responsibility of the mandatory items missing lead to their disqualification.


  • Participants whose voluntary withdraw from the race.
  • Participants whose cannot meet the official Cut Of Time.
  • DNF participants who wish to leave by themselves will need to report to the person in-charge at the particular CP/WS. Failed to do so may trigger the search & rescue, and the cost will be bear by the said person.
  • Vehicle will be stand by at G. Dato foothill (CP2) & Tampin Telekom (CP5) to despatch the DNF participants to the base.
  • DNF participants who wish to withdraw between CP2 & CP6 will need to proceed to the nearest pickup point by themselves, unless seriously injured.


  • Royal Malaysia Police Traffic Department will be taking care of the traffic on the road section (if any), assist by RELA and crews.
  • Cone will be use to ensure participants will only run within the safety zone.
  • Safety blinker will be use to alert the driver and road user.
  • Escort might be driving along the road section to ensure all participants obey the traffic instructions.

 Search & Rescue

  • Ambulance & medications person will be stand-by at start/finishing.
  • Ambulance will be marshal from time to time.
  • Bomba & Rescue will be informed and stand-by.

Organizer Info

Organizer : Lembaga Pelancongan Negeri Sembilan
Co-organizer : Majlis Daerah Tampin
Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Sembilan
Pejabat Belia dan Sukan Daerah Tampin
Ultra Sports Adventure
Email :