Tanjung Bidara is one of the famous beaches in Malaysia. It is situated at west coast of Malaysia. It is about 70km from Port Dickson another famous beach in Malaysia. Tanjung Bidara is located in Alor Gajah district. It takes about 45 minutes from the city of Melaka and 10 minutes from Masjid Tanah. The beach is situated about 1km from the main road.​

Why the main road is far away from the beach? Well it is because an army camp; Terendak Army Camp is situated near the beach, thus why the main road is build far from the beach. Tanjung Bidara is situated in between two beach; Pantai Padang Kemunting and Pantai Pengkalan Balak. The water is calm and has nice is sandy beach that is good to have a picnic with the family and friends.​

​Tanjung Bidara is sloping beach, have greenly scenery and windy location. The place that is far from the main road can hence it is comfortable to swim. The place is greenly because at Tanjung Bidara there is no development happen due to the presence of the army camp. You might find monkeys lurking around the beach there. There is also having many sea rocks in Tanjung Bidara. ​


Tanjung Bidara Challenge is a triathlon race that is held at the Tanjung Bidara Beach since the 2016 and the distance is considered as standard distance which consist of 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run. The inaugural race was first held in the 2016 and was open to public as the previous event was only for the armed forces personnel.​

​ 2022 challenge will be the fifth edition after 2019 as 2020 and 2021 no race was organise due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and the entire country was under locked. Since the easing up on the SOP for events, Persatuan Sukan Lasak ATM has decided to organise the race again. The race will held on Sunday morning on the 13th of November 2022. ​

​ The race will start with a swim in Tanjung Bidara beach, continues with bike segment with route going to Kuala Sungai Linggi and back to Tanjung Bidara beach for transition before heading out to the run. The run course will take you into the villages area of Pengakalan Balak and returning to the finish line, the route will pass by alongside the Pengakalan Balak beach area. ​

​ This is a triathlon race that will be a great start for anyone wanting to compete in triathlon.​

​ See you guys in November !!!​

Event Information

Date: 18 December 2022
Venue: Tanjung Bidara Beach
Event Type: Triathlon
Distance: Standard Distance (1.5KM Swim/40KM Bike/10KM Run)
Category: Individual/Team Relay
Registration Closing Date: 1st December 2022 11:59 pm

Categories and Registration Fee

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Participant's Entitlements

Prize Money

Event Tee Size Chart

Event Itinerary

Route - Swim (1.5KM)

Route - Bike (40KM)

Route - Run (10KM)

Rules and Regulations

Safety buoy is compulsory for ALL participants. This is a safety requirement. All participants have to bring their own safety buoy for the event. Any participant found without a safety buoy before swim start, he/she will not be allowed to swim.

All participants are given Race Number Tattoos in the race pack. All participants are required to apply the tattoos on their own according to the race number assigned. Participants shall NOT apply any body lotion / oil / sun block before applying the tattoos. Please apply Race Number tattoos on LEFT upper arm before race. You will be provided with 1 set of numbers ONLY. If damaged, there will be no replacement.

As this is a draft-legal event, participants are required to follow these rules while cycling.

  • NOT ENCOURAGED hold the aerobar/clip-on bar while drafting
  • DO NOT draft any motor vehicles/cars
  • If you are not use to drafting, please DO NOT attempt
  • No headphones, headsets, or anything which are inserted or covering the ears
  • Be EXTRA careful while drafting
  • Time Trial Bike (TT Bike) are not encouraged to draft due to safety reasons

All bicycles racks are numbered according to the race numbers of every participant. All participants are required to place their bicycles at the designated bicycle rack according to their race numbers. A basket is provided by the Organizer for each participant to place their belongings tidily. Participants must not interfere with another participant’s belongings. Family members, friends and supporters are not permitted into the transition area. Transition area will open to participants to rack their bicycles. Please see the event program for the time schedule.

All participants in relay teams are responsible for passing their RFID Timing Tag to their teammates at designated holding area after completing their respective legs. Passing of Timing Tag outside of the designated area would result in immediate disqualification.

Participants will be given a RFID Timing Tag in the Race Pack. Individual participants are allocated with DISPOSABLE Timing Tag. Relay Teams are allocated with the Reusable Timing Tag. All participants must ensure that their Timing Tags are securely fastened/strapped to their left or right ankle. There will not be any deposit required to collect your Timing Tag. However, the Relay Teams participants are responsible to return the Timing Tag and ankle band to the organizer immediately after the race. The Organizer will not be responsible for any inaccuracy in participant's race timings due to improper wearing of the Timing Tag.

Race number bib must be worn and clearly display on the front of your tri-suit/t-shirt/jersey at all time during running. Race belt is recommended. Bike seat post sticker has to be secured below the bicycle seat post. Helmet sticker has to be paste on the front of the helmet.

Organizer Information

Persatuan Sukan Lasak ATM
Contact: 601111494245
Email: qifays_eel@yahoo.com