Sekinchan, a small town on the west coast of Selangor Malaysia, is located 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur city area. Despite the town’s size, it is well known for being one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia, in the Sabak Bernam district.

Its name in Chinese, 适耕莊, pronounced as “Shi Geng Zhuang”, is translated directly from the English, but it couldn’t be more suitable as the 3 Chinese words also means "village suitable for plantation'. The apt description of the name, stating out it’s suitability for farming of rice, fruits and oil palm trees. The total farming land paddy and fruits is about 4,300 acres and it’s said to be the highest rice production per acre in Malaysia.

Expect yourself to be welcomed and mesmerized with the vast, irrigated and organized green paddy field on your right when you firstly arrive in Sekinchan. You can drive right beside the paddy fields or better still run next to it with Sekinchan Ultra. The area is well connected with roads accessing the town and the small village located in the center of the paddy fields. Throughout the scenic race course, you will find water path (aqueduct), little bridge, flora & fauna , birds and of course the paddy itself. A scenic greenery sight that you will easily unwind yourself into and definitely something you can’t get from your developed city area.

Sekinchan is also often visited by diners from Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur for its fresh seafood, for its double identity as a busy fishing village. You may still catch a glimpse of numerous fishing boats returning to the harbor in the early afternoon to unload their catch. Seafood dishes here are said not to be missed if you’re a foodie as its said to be much fresher and affordable than city area.

Don’t miss out to be part of this race and come have memorable fun with your friends and family on the 22-23 October 2022 !

We’re excited for you to be part of this and can’t wait to see you there!

Sekinchan Ultra is proudly brought to you by Malaysia Ultra Running™

Race Info

Date: 22 - 23 October 2022

Road Course: Road Running (Tarmac , Asphalt surface)

Start/Finishing Location:  Triangle Farm Cottage House, Sekinchan Selangor​

Sekinchan Ultra 2022

Race Kit Collection

Location: TBC
Date: TBA, Kuala Lumpur
Date:: 16 October 2022
Time:: TBA
Documents needed: Race confirmation slip or personal identification (IC / Passport)

Race Categories/Cut Off Time

Start Time
Finishing Time
Cut off Hour

Men Open
Men Veteran
Men Sr Veteran
​(22 October 2022)
​(23 October 2022)
​​​18 Hour
Women Open
Women Veteran
Women Sr Veteran

Men Open
Men Veteran
Men Sr Veteran
​(23 October 2022)

​​(23 October 2022)

​9 Hour

Women Open
Women Veteran
Women Sr Veteran

​Men Open
Men Veteran
Men Sr Veteran
​(23 October 2022)

​(23 October 2022)

5 Hour

​Women Open
Women Veteran
Women Sr Veteran

Men Open
Men Veteran
Men Sr Veteran
​(23 October 2022)

​(23 October 2022)

3 Hour

​Women Open
Women Veteran
Women Sr Veteran

Race Participation/Qualification

The race is open to all men and women of all nationalities aged 18 years and above on race day.
Runners DO NOT need to complete any road race prior to joining this event. However, the organizers would like to caution all participants that a ultra marathon is not easy, and recommends that you should have completed some long distance road races in order to be well prepared for this event.

Trophy recognition for Top 10 runners for the age categories , DOB before 22 October 2022 

* Men Open / Women Open , 18-39 
* Men Veteran / Women Veteran , 40-49 
* Men Senior Veteran / Women Senior Veteran , 50> above 

Race Fee

Race Category Early Bird
​till 30.04.2022
Normal Entry
01.05.2022 - 31.07.2022
Late Entry
01.08.2022 - 31.08.2022
100km 380 430 480
50km 280 330 380
30km 160 190 220
10km 100 130 160

** For Group Registration of 10pax and above for Sekinchan Ultra 2022, you are entitled to a 10% rebate of the total registration fees . If there is an error during your registration , kindly contact organizers via facebook page : Sekinchan Ultra

Race registration terms & condition updated version.

The Organizer has the rightful responsibility to decide and communicate to all Sekinchan Ultra 2022 participants on the following matters, in due of the nation’s movement control and pandemic’s situation :
1) Race postponed to a later new date , or
2) Refund option , or
3) Auto race entry slot transfer to the new race date , which is decided and set by the organizer.


30km 10km
Timing Chip
Event Tee
Finisher Tee
Finisher Medal
Food and Refreshment
Event day
Insurance coverage 

Event Tee Design & Finisher Tee

Sekinchan Ultra 2022

Mandatory Item

Mandatory Gears (For 100km & 50km)

  • Hydration bag/belt/bottle with min 500ml capacity 
  • Headlamp / Handheld torch
  • Reflective vest 
  • Mobile phone
  • All runners must carry all mandatory gears at all times. The organizers and volunteers have the right to perform random gear checks on any participants at any point of the race. Should a runner be found without the possession of a mandatory gear, he/she will not be allowed to continue on the course until a suitable replacement gear is found.​​

Mandatory Gears (For 30km)

  • Hydration bag/belt/bottle with min 500ml capacity 
  • Headlamp / Handheld torch

Recommended Item

  • Sports gels and nutrition, electrolyte tablets, salt sticks
  • Medical kit (adhesive bandage, scissors)
  • Deep cold spray or gel
  • Sun block
  • Sun cap
  • Rain coat/jacket
  • Emergency blankett
  • Blinker

Baggage Bag/Drop Bag

Baggage Bag
Baggage service available at the race site during the race day 22 October 2022 - 23 October 2022 for all category.

Drop Bag Service
100KM: Take note that you will check into CP after complete of 50km at the starting point. During the entire course of the race, do plan your extra back up gears in your drop bag accordingly.

100KM: CP (50km) and proceed with 2nd loop of 50km and total of 100km


Sekinchan Ultra 2022 Sekinchan Ultra 2022

Race Route and Water Station

Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022
Sekinchan Ultra 2022

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations of the event is designed to safeguard the safety of all runners, volunteers and organizers as well as to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible during and after the race day with minimal disruptions. It is the runners’ responsibilities to read and understand the set of rules listed below. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the disqualification of the runner.

  • Cut-off times: All decisions by race officials are final and non-negotiable.
  • No short-cutting: All runners must follow the path along the race course without taking any shortcuts (unless instructed by the volunteers). Any runners caught violating this rule by taking a shortcut or hopping on a vehicle will be DISQUALIFIED (DQ).
  • Do not litter: Kindly carry your trash and dispose them at the bins provided at each waterstation.
  • Road use and crossing: There will be no road closure for this race. There will be vehicles using the same road as you during the race. Please be courteous to the other vehicles and let them pass through before continuing your journey. Always run on the shoulder on the road and BECAREFUL of fast approaching vehicles. You are responsible for your own safe-being on the race course.
  • Instructions from volunteers: At certain points of the race, volunteers may redirect you from the race course for safety purposes. Always follow the instructions of the volunteers to avoid untoward incidence

Offence Penalty

  • Running without a bib or bib registered to another runner. Disqualified (DQ)
  • Short cutting / Did not pass the checkpoint. Disqualified (DQ)

Runner's Responsiblities

  • You understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an long distance running race. You will be running and have undertaken the necessary training to compete in such a race.
  • You will be responsible for yourself and have the ability to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race.
  • You are able to deal with, on your own without assistance, deteriorating weather conditions (raining, strong winds) and other troubles expected when traveling across road.
  • You are able to deal with extreme fatigue, internal organ and digestive problems, muscle pain, mild physical injuries and psychological problems on your own.
  • You are fully aware that when participating in an outdoor activity such as this race, your safety depends on your own skills and abilities.

Medical Support

Medical Assistance During The Race

  • In order to ensure race safety, race headquarters will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race.
  • Doctors and rescue staff have the authority to stop a racer from continuing the race. This will be done by taking off the racer's bib.
  • Depending on your condition, an emergency evacuation may be required. This evacuation will be at the expense of the person being rescued. For overseas racers, it is strongly recommended that you obtain adequate travel insurance coverage​


Additional Info

  • Race bib must be worn and visible in front of runner at all times.
  • We do not condone and allow unofficial bib exchange or selling. All winner will be verified with the original IC or passport
  • Lack of respect for others (organisation or runners) Note : a participant whose supporters are uncivil and/or refuse to respect the organisation's instructions will be penalised. (Disqualify)
  • Race directors reserves the right to cancel the race in the event of natural disasters or extreme weather, including (not limited to) haze, thunderstorm, landslide,flood.

Accomodation Booking

Sekinchan Ultra 2022 Sekinchan Ultra 2022


Organizer Name: Malaysia Ultra Running

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