Event Date : 1/8/2021 (12:00am) – 4/8/2021 (11:59pm)
Events : Perlis Ultra Marathon VR
Event Sequence : 1/15
Total Distance : 128km
Duration : 4 days
Concept : Team Event
Time/Venue : Anytime/Anywhere

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Perlis Ultra Marathon VR series, is the first out of 15 events, it consist of 128km on road circumference around Perlis state, to be complete in 4 days, by up to 4 team members.

15 ultra event with the total distance of 7618km, 243 days within 16 months durations, average distance per person per day is 7-8km. Each event will have 2 weeks break in between, and this allow the next event’s registration progress to take place.

This epic Ultra Marathon Virtual Run Series, consist of 13 States and 2 Federal Territory. Each with the unique customized medal, great collection value for the memory you’ll never experienced before. Medal designs will be the shape of each State and Federal Territory, allow you to puzzle up to formed a Malaysia map, framed and proudly display on your wall.

Event T-shirt will be purchase separately with your representative state or Federal Territory. You can wear for the running sessions, training, socializing, race, or to the event for the group photos, representing your State or Federal Territory, with proud.

All runners will do their run whenever they think convenient, outdoor, treadmill, trail (if allowed), with the most current Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP) complied.

The team distance will be plotted onto an electronic map, starting from the particular location in each state, doing the furthest road within the state, to round a loop of the state.

All teams will do a loop until the destination is reached, or finished the distance no later than particular days from the first day this event started.

All teams virtual routes will be plotted onto an electronic map every night on a daily basis during the event period.

Perlis Ultra Marathon VR Distance & Duration




Registration Period

Event Date



4 days

1/7 – 30/7/21

1/8 – 4/8/21

Perlis Ultra Marathon VR Plan

Perlis Ultra Marathon VR 2021

Event T-shirt (purchase separately)

Perlis Ultra Marathon VR 2021

Event Medal

Event Medal


  • Please provide your full name as it’ll be appear in the e-Certificate.
  • Please make sure the registration details are up to date and correct, Ultra Sports Adventure will not responsible for any misleading or postage error due to the wrong information provided.
  • Registration fees including 1 pc of unique 3D medal/plate per person.
  • Registration fees will be made on a team basis.
  • Payment has to be made in full upon the registrations.


Registration Fee

Postage (WM)

Postage (EM)


RM19.90 Per Person

RM8 Per Team

RM18 Per Team

Participant Entitlements

  • Customized 3D Medal/Plate (subject to finished the distance)
  • E-Certificate
  • Free 3D “Malaysia Ultra Marathon Series VR” title plate. (subject to complete all 15 events)

T-Shirt Purchase

  • T-shirt purchase link https://bit.ly/3vYPtsy
  • RM39.90 /pc
  • Postage is excluded - within Malaysia only – RM8 (West), RM18 (East)
  • All pictures shown for illustration purposes only, actual product colour may vary slightly due to product’s enhancement.
  • Bank details:
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3815713818
  • Important note: Please state “MUMS T-shirt” on bank transfer REFERENCE for the payment confirmation.


  • Postage is excluded from the registrations fees.
  • Postage fee within Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia only.
  • Postage of the t-shirt purchase is excluded.
  • All participant’s medals will be send to the team captain only.
  • A tracking number will be send to the team’s captain email, in case of any un-collect parcel and return to us, the team will need to pay the cost of the re-send.
  • Tracking number will be the responsibility of the team, Ultra Sports Adventure will not responsible for any loss or damage to the parcel.

The Virtual Run

  • Team event up to max. of 4 teammates.
  • Team members will be doing their own running outdoor or indoor, at the place convenient to each runner.
  • Each member can do the run on their own, no mass gathering is necessary.
  • The average daily mileage for each member each day is between 7-8km for all events.
  • You can choose to do just the average total mileage, but every team member may help each other to cover the distance.
  • Social distancing will comply with Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP)
  • All teams will have to complete the distance within the event period.
  • All the route plotted on the map is the road circumference of each state (except Sarawak) and for virtual purposes only, some track will consist highway, bridges, which is not allow to run in actual.

Rules & regulation

  1. Team up to max. of 4 teammates
  2. Each result must show a date, distance and duration.
  3. Each individual will have to upload the distance using the online form after they complete your activity.
  4. Submission of the results and the proofs need to be done by the individual runner.
  5. Team members can do their run wherever/whenever they preferred.
  6. Team members can submit as many activities as they wish on the same day, with all the activities submitted with proof.
  7. Final results will be plotted to the map daily, at night between 10pm – 11pm, to show the destination of each individual or team.
  8. Any team members can run as much as they wish, every day.
  9. No submission of the run is necessary if zero (0) mileage for any day.
  10. No minimum mileages will need to be done every day, team members can help each other to cover mileage to achieve each event’s total mileages within the event period, or less.
  11. Participants can continue to collect the mileages after they’ve complete the specific state distance, until the event ended.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Runners need to do a proper run/walk, in the recreation park, treadmill, or anywhere they think convenient.
  2. The indoor treadmill are allowed but the treadmill panel is not allowed as the proof of recording for running (participants need to record their running activity using their watch on treadmill).
  3. Wearing the watch/phone to record the distance while doing their job is not allowed. 
  4. Runners will need to obey the social distancing, complied with Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP), while doing the run/walk at the park or the public area.
  5. T-shirt and medals delivery will be sent within 30 days after the event ended.
  6. All participant’s medals will be send to the team captain only.
  7. Please provide the correct information upon registration to avoid misunderstandings that may occur.


Ultra Sports Adventure
Contact no. : 0166758075
Email : ultrasportsadventure@gmail.com