Event Information

The Peak Attack GP Series is a brand-new, high-octane road racing series for cycling enthusiasts. The GP Series focuses on endurance, technical skills, and speed-making it the perfect place for you to test your limits. With an extravagant atmosphere, live video streaming, and big prizes waiting for winners, it’s sure to be the biggest race series this year!

Event Day Schedule

Peak Attack GP

Entry Fee


Early Bird  
20 July – 08 August 2022
Normal Rate 
09 August – 25 August 2022


RM 80

RM 120

Team TT

RM 500

RM 600

Race Pack Collection

Date : 25th and 26th August 2022 (Friday)
Time : 10 am to 6pm
Venue : Elite Sports Sdn Bhd, 332B, Melawati Urban 1, Lorong Serawak, Pusat Bandar Melawati, 53100 WP Kuala Lumpur

Peak Attack GP Peak Attack GP Peak Attack GP

Track Circuit

Peak Attack GP


Peak Attack GP Peak Attack GP

Terms & Conditions

Team Time-Trial

The number of riders per team is 4 to 6. Mixed teams are permitted. Bikes will not be required to meet UCI regulations regarding bike measurements and will not be fitted in the measuring jig. However, the use of a front disc wheel or Fairings will not be allowed. An dispute regarding bike eligibility will be the decision of the PCP.

Entry Regulations

  1. Clubs may enter as many teams as they would like
  2. All riders must wear appropriate club kit or plain kit only.
  3. Riders may only enter for one team only.
  4. Mixed team is permitted

Race Procedure

  1. All riders of each team must present themselves and their equipment to the designated waiting area, located at the time trial start, 15 minutes prior to their allotted start time.
  2. All other teams will need to wait at the warm-up area to minimize congestion.
  3. Holders will be provided at the start of Team Time Trial.
  4. Five-minute start time gaps shall apply for all.


  1. The finish time will be taken on the 4th -rider to cross the finish line.
  2. Finishing times shall be taken to the nearest one-tenth of a second at least.

Team Conduct during Race

  1. A team, upon catching another, shall leave a lateral gap of at least 2 meters between them.
  2. After passing the team caught shall ride at least 15 meters.
  3. Away from the other with no drafting permitted. The exchange of food, drinks, small items of equipment, wheels and bicycles and help with running repairs shall be permitted between riders of the same team only.

Elimination Race

Entry regulation

  1. Open Category - Any male rider who age is 18 to 39
  2. Women Category - Any female rider who age is 18 and above
  3. Master Category - Any riders who age is 40 and above
  4. Elite Category - Any rider who is registered with National, State or
    UCI-regulated team.

Race Regulation

  1. Riders will be allotted into wave or group prior before start
  2. Riders need to be at designated waiting time 15 minutes before start time.
  3. 2 free (warm up) laps at the start of Elimination Race
  4. Last 3 rider to cross the finish line at each lap will be eliminated and must leave the course
  5. Any rider which is able to gain an additional lap, will be safe throughout the race.
  6. No free lap will be given in the case of an emergency.
  7. Best 3 riders for each Wave will proceed to the Final round.

Individual Conduct during Race

  1. Riders shall be cautious at all times during the race. Any violent conduct during the race shall be eliminated
  2. In the case of an emergency ( puncture, mechanical or crash), the rider shall go to the side of the road to receive assistance.


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