Backyard Ultra Concept

  • Runners will have 1 hour to complete the 6.7KM loop, and be at the start line ready to go again exactly one hour after the previous loop. You must complete each loop before the clock reach the next hour, for example 9:59:59 is ok but 10:00:00 is DNF.
  • 3, 2, and 1 minute warnings are given prior to the start of a new loop.
  • If a runner does not start a loop on time, they are disqualified. No late starts once the bell is rung. You must start each loop on time and be gone from the start area within 1 minute or you are DNF.
  • Runners cannot leave the course or receive aid during a loop.
  • The winner is the last runner to complete a loop. All other runners are DNF. If no runner completes one more loop than all other runners, there is no winner.
  • Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted... including the final lap.

Backyard Ultra Rules & Regulations

  • Runners must stay on the course once the bell is rung, the runners cannot visit their crew, their tent, their vehicle or receive aid from anyone.
  • The only reason for leaving the course once the bell is rung is to use the porta-potty, or to relieve yourself in the forest.
  • Once you finish your loop you may choose to do what you want, but must be back in the starting corral before the bell rings.
  • Runners can provide their own aid. There will be a space next to the Start/Finish line to set up a chair, cooler, and other small personal items. A camp area will be close by where you may set up a tent.
  • No Pacer allowed on the course.
  • No trekking poles is permitted.


A new concept of racing. Runners doesn’t have to be top rank or fast, but endurance and strong will drive them for as long as they can go.

Race results

The event lives each loop, and will be update on Malaysia Backyard Ultra FB page. Everyone at home can track your progress. Likewise, you can view your progress on site.

Event Information

Event Date                  : 30th June 2023
Start Time                   : 9PM
Venue                          : Pkpg. Orang Asli Jenderam Hilir, Dengkil Selangor.
Capacity                      : 50 Participants
Duration                      : Last One Standing
Distance                      : 6.7km /loop
Organizer                    : Ultra Sports Venture

Category Distance Fee Age Start time
Open 6.7 KM RM 250 18 yrs above 9pm 30/06/2023

Award & Prizes

  • Winner win the spot in the Team Malaysia for Backyard Ultra World Team Championship 2024.
  • Trophy for the winner
  • DNF Souvenir

DNF Souvenir
Coming soon

Race Pack Collection

  • Collect at race venue 2 hours before the start on the event day.
  • Uncollected item will be forfeited.
  • No collection on behalf is allowed.


Participants Entitlements

  • DNF souvenir
  • Medical treatment
  • Food & beverages
  • Individual table & chair will be provided, in first come first basis.

Event T-shirt

T-shirt size chart (unisex)

  • All measurement subject to +/- 0.5 tolerance.
  • Half chest to be measured from left to right seam, 1” down from the armpit joint.
  • Half waist to be measured from left to right seam on the waist line.
  • Shirt length to be measured from the highest tip of the shoulder to the bottom hem.

Proposed Route Layout

Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants need to carry all mandatory item with them.
  2. No start of the participants without a working head lamp in the dark.
  3. Switch off the head lamp In the dark will be disqualified.
  4. Late start is not allowed.
  5. Participants will need to follow the designed direction.
  6. All participants allows to have their own support crews.
  7. There is no assist in the race course.
  8. No pacer during the run.

Mandatory item

  • Working headlamp (for night loop)

Participants responsibilities

  • Participants need to be aware of their own safety.
  • Participants need to ensure their mandatory items are working and always carry with them.
  • Participants have to be aware of the official Cut Of Time.
  • Participants responsibility of the mandatory items missing lead to their disqualification.


  • Any runner that DNF’s must immediately vacate their spot close to the finish line to allow surviving runners to move closer.
  • Runners that DNF may evacuate the rest area immediately.


  • All registration must be made online.
  • Registrations fees are none transferable and no refundable.
  • No cancellation of the registrations
  • All category are only open for 18 year and above.
  • Subject to Admin fee.

Safety & Medical

  • Ambulance & certified medical officer will be standby at start/finish
  • Marshal will be petrol from time to time.
  • Runners will be running at the designed direction only.
  • All runners will be insured.

Course marking

  • Race course will be mark with tape and direction sign in all junction.

Organizer Information

Ultra Sports Venture

Support by:

Registrations & Timing System:
Check Point Spot Sdn Bhd

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