The Blue Cap x CIMB Virtual Run for Prostate Cancer 2021 aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer amongst general public. This event is in conjunction with the #OnlyMenCan Prostate Cancer Campaign 2021 launched by the Urological Trust Fund of Universiti Malaya. Participants are entitled for a running shirt, a 3-ply batik printed face mask and an e-certificate. All donations will be channeled to the Urological Cancer Trust Fund for prostate cancer initiatives.

Category Info

Distance Categorization Price
5KM Public RM30
10KM Public RM30
21KM Public RM30
3KM Cancer Survivor RM15
  • Parent’s consent required for participants below aged 18
  • Additional delivery charges for East Malaysia – RM10

Event Schedule

Registration 1st Oct - 7th Nov 2021 
Running Period 1st Nov - 30th Nov 2021
Results Submission 1st Nov - 30th Nov 2021
Entitlement Fulfillment December 2021

Race Process


  1. Registration: checkpointspot.asia
  2. Confirmed participant will receive confirmation slip that includes information of the event
  3. During the running period, participants will have to complete the registered distance and record the achievement using their mobile phone or GPS watch
  4. Participant has 2 options to then upload the results to https://vr.checkpointspot.asia:
    • Manual submission – take a screenshot/picture of your run achievement and enter the relevant data (time/date/distance etc)
    • Strava synchronization – Sync to your strava account and load the activity
  5. Select the activities you want to submit as part of this virtual run by ticking the activity
  6. A leaderboard of the progress of the runners will be updated automatically, final results will be subjected to verification by organiser
  7. Once the event is completed, the e-certificate will be available for download and merchandises will be delivered to the participant’s registered address


  1. Results are verified based on data submitted by participants
  2. The publication of the leader board is on best effort basis, subject to available information for verification and is not an endorsement of the accuracy of the results
  3. Ranking is based on the following:
    • Completion of the distance (based on category)
    • No of activity taken to achieve the distance (less is better)
    • Total time taken by adding all the activities submitted
  4. Accumulation of distance is allowed as long long as the activity is completed during the running period.

Runners Entitlement

  • Event T-shirt
  • 3-ply Batik Printed Face Mask
  • Race leaderboard
  • E-certificate (upon finalizing of race results)

Self-Fundraising Drive

Each participant will have an opportunity to help in the fight of prostate cancer. There is an individual link for each participant in your email confirmation. Please use it to promote the event and starts your donation drive.

For those that wish to donate to this cause, please head on to this link:


Hurry up, and be one of the top achiever in this fundraising drive!

Event Tee

Blue Cap Virtual Run 2021
Blue Cap Virtual Run 2021

3-ply Batik Printed Face Mask

Blue Cap Virtual Run 2021

Sizing Guide

Blue Cap Virtual Run 2021


  1. Where can I run?
    • You can run anywhere, even indoor with a treadmill. Most importantly is run somewhere safe and track your run for submission of results.
  2. Can I walk instead?
    • Yes, this is open to walkers, joggers and runners of all abilities.
  3. How do I track my activity?
    • You must track your run with a running watch (GPS) or phone app such as Strava, MapMyRun and You can also take photo of your treadmill display to show the distance and time taken. Proof of your runs will be required for results submission.
  4. How many times can I submit my results?
    • You can submit your results as many times as you need to, but the activity must be done during the running period given. You distance and time will be accumulated based on the activities you submitted.
  5. Where do I get my E-certificate?
    • E-certificate will be made available at the leaderboard page once the event is completed and leaderboard is finalised, only for those that completed the run
  6. When will I get my entitlement?
    • The plan is to send out all entitlement within a month after the completion of the event, on a best effort basis.
  7. Do I have to be a fund-raiser?
    • It is entirely voluntary. We encourage you to join the fundraising drive as every little helps.
  8. How can I become a fund-raiser?
    • Each participant will receive a personalised fundraising drive link via email upon registration. You can use this personalised link to raise donation amongst your family members and friends.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The BLUE CAP X CIMB VIRTUAL RUN FOR PROSTATE CANCER 2021 is organised by the Urological Cancer Trust Fund, Universiti Malaya. This event is open to the public.
  2. Age for all participants shall be calculated as of 31/12/2021.
  3. Participants below the age of 18 must get consent from their guardians/parents.
  4. Each participant joins this virtual run at his/her free will.
  5. Each participant agrees to the terms and conditions of this event upon sign up.
  6. The Organiser shall not be liable for any accident or mishap arises during this virtual run.
  7. Each participant is allowed to use any running apps to track your running progress (step counter/pedometer are not allowed).
  8. Each participant agrees to provide true, accurate, and complete information. The Organiser may contact the participant from time to time by email pertaining to the updates on this event. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the Organiser shall be deemed as received by the participant.
  9. If the participant provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or the Organiser has grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the Organiser may suspend, cancel or terminate the participant's registration and refuse any and all current or future participation into the Organiser’s event.
  10. Change of category/sizes is not allowed.
  11. Each Participant must ensure his/her health condition is fit before participating in this virtual run. Each Participant shall be responsible for his/her own health/condition. The Organizer shall not be responsible for personal injury or death during this virtual run.
  12. There shall be NO REFUND to participant who does not eventually take part in the virtual run, for any reason whatsoever. The registration cannot be deferred towards future event, nor can the registration be transferred to another event.
  13. Participants who failed to complete the selected distance and/or submit their results within the given time frame will not be issued with the E-certificate.
  14. The Participant hereby grants to the Organiser the rights to document and publish their photos for the purpose of promoting the event.
  15. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules & Regulations at any time, without any prior notice to participant.
  16. Each participant is entitled to one delivery only, of which failure of the delivery due to the following reasons are at no fault of the organiser:
    • Recipient address is not accurate
    • Recipient contact number is wrong or not contactable
    • Recipient or representative of the address reject the delivery


Organiser name: Urological Cancer Trust Fund, Universiti Malaya
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onlymencan/?hl=en
Website: Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign | Only Men Can