The Putrajaya Lake is a lake located at the centre of Putrajaya, Malaysia, around 33km south of Kuala Lumpur. Spanning across a huge area of 650 hectares, it is popular the water sports, and recreational activities, is one of the biggest man-made lakes in Malaysia. The Putrajaya Water Sports Complex (Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya (KOSA)) Presint 6, is located at the Marina Putrajaya, offers a wide range of water sports activities.

Starting with the 2-loops of 1.5km swim in the lake, Kenanga Man Of Steel Triathlon 163, will take you around beautiful journey of 130km cycle with 3-loops of 43km around the city of Putrajaya with various challenging terrains. You will continue with a 2-loops of 15km run around the Putrajaya Lake and finish in the front of the Grand stand by the lake side. 

Race Categories

Date : 5th August 2023, Saturday

Time : 7.30am

Race Distance : Swim 350m - Run 2.5km (Junior Category)

                            Swim 1km - Run 7km (Senior Category)

Junior Age Group Category

  • Junior Boys/Girls 9 - 12 years
  • Junior Boys/Girls 13 - 15 years

Senior Age Group Category

  • Men 16 - 29 years
  • Men 30 - 39 years
  • Men 40 - 49 years
  • Men 50 years & above
  • Women 16 - 34 years
  • Women 35 years & above

Minimum Age : All athletes must be 9 years or older for Junior Category and 16 years or older for Senior Category. Age count based on year of birth. 


Date : 6th August 2023, Sunday

Time : 7.30am

Race Distance : Swim 3km - Bike 130km - Run 30km

Age Group Category

  • Men 18 - 29 years
  • Men 30 - 39 years
  • Men 40 - 49 years
  • Men 50 - 59 years
  • Men 60 years & above
  • Women 18 - 34 years
  • Women 35 - 44 years
  • Women 45 years & above

Relay Teams

  • Open (18 years & above)

Minimum Age : All athletes must be 18 years or older. Age count based on year of birth.

Relay Teams Open : All Men team or all Women team or Mixed team

Race Fees

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Athletes Entitlement


  • Exclusive MOS Event T-shirt
  • Exclusive MOS Finisher T-shirt (for Finisher only)
  • Exclusive MOS Towel
  • Exclusive MOS Race Kit Bag
  • Swim Cap
  • Bib Number
  • Helmet Sticker
  • Bike Sticker
  • Race Number Tattoo
  • Timing Chip
  • Post-Race Meal
  • Finisher Medal (for Finisher only)
  • Finisher E-Certificate (for Finisher only)


  • Event T-shirt
  • Race Kit Bag
  • Swim Cap
  • Bib Number
  • Race Number Tattoo
  • Timing Chip
  • Finisher Medal
  • Finisher E-Certificate

Size Chart

Man of Steel

Race Course


Swim Course (2-loop) 3km 

Coming soon


Bike Course (3-loop) 130km

 *Race course is subject to change without prior notification. 


Run Course (2-loop) 30km


 *Race course is subject to change without prior notification.



Swim Course - 1 hour 45 minutes

Bike Course - 6 hours 45 minutes

Total - 13 hours 0 minute



Coming soon




Prizes will be awarded to Top 3 of each category : Cash prize and trophy.



If you are travelling from overseas, there are 3 ways to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Putrajaya.


From KLIA to Putrajaya Central by KLIA Express train. As you reach Putrajaya Central, you can take a taxi / GrabCar service to Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya Presint 6. 


From KLIA, you can take a taxi straight to Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya Presint 6. 


Organizer offers airport transfer service (at a cost) if you require. Please email us at for arrangement. 




More information coming soon.

Rules & Regulations


  • The Organizer reserve the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without prior notification.
  • Participants are required to complete the Online Registration entry form with accurate and correct information.
  • Participants who completed the Online Registration entry form agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the event that has been signed up.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to accept or reject any entries without prior notice.
  • Once the registration is being processed, there will be no refund for those who fail to show up for the race and/or withdraw from it.
  • The race registration will only confirm when full payment of the entry fee has been made.
  • Any dispute or protest against another participant or any violation in the Event shall be made in writing to the Organizer within 30 minutes of her/his finish time. A deposit of RM100 must be accompanied with the appropriate protest form will be refunded if the protest is successful.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to use any photographs or recordings of the participants for any commercial or advertising purposes without prior notice.
  • The Race Director/Organizing Committee decision is final.
  • A grace period of 15 minutes after the commencement of the race will be given for latecomers. Anyone who reports later than this grace period will not be allowed to participate in the race. Latecomers should be aware that their timings would have commenced when the race begins.
  • Any participants decided to withdraw from the race should report to the Race Officials.
  • A participant may be disqualified for the following reason(s):
    • Refusing to follow the rules and regulations and /or instructions given by the Organizer and/or Race Officials.
    • Consumption of alcohol, stimulants or any kind of prohibited drugs 24 hours before the race.


  • Personal swim buoy is compulsory for all swimmers.
  • Swimmers must wear the swim caps provided by the Organizer.
  • Swimmers are required to wear proper swimming attire during the entire swimming course.
  • Fins, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any swimming aids are not allowed.
  • Wetsuits are not allowed.
  • Support crews are not allowed. Any assistance received during the swim will result in immediate disqualification (with the exception of medical aid).
  • No one is permitted in the swim course other than the participants and officials.
  • Swimmers in difficulty shall signal the safety boat/kayak for assistance.


  • Cyclists must wear a helmet during the entire cycling course. Any cyclist seen riding without a helmet will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Cyclists must ensure that their helmets are securely fastened before leaving the transition area.
  • Bare torso is not allowed at all times.
  • Participant may walk or run with their bicycles.
  • Support vehicles and crews are not permitted. Any assistance received during cycling will result in immediate disqualification (with exception of medical aid).
  • Cyclists are to keep to the left side of the road and are reminded to observe traffic rules at all times.
  • Cyclists will have to perform their own repairs if their bicycles should breakdown.
  • Cyclists are required to place their bicycles at the designated bicycle rack with their race numbers.
  • Cyclists are encouraged to have their bicycles checked before the race starts.
  • Wearing headphones is not allowed at all times.
  • TT Bikes and Road Bikes are allowed during the race.


  • Runners must wear their race bib numbers clearly visible both in front of their attires at all times during the run.
  • Bare torso is not allowed at all times.
  • Support vehicles or pacers are not allowed.


  • Relay Team participants will be provided with one (1) timing chip with band.
  • Relay swimmers must wear the timing chip to start the race.
  • The timing chip with band will then be passed on to the Relay cyclist after completion of the swim course and follow by the Relay runner.
  • All the Relay cyclists and runners are required to wait at a designated area to receive the timing chip with band from their team members before leaving the transition area.


  • Only participants are allowed to enter the Transition Area.
  • Participants are required to place their bicycles at the designated bicycle rack with their race numbers.
  • Baskets are provided by the Organizer to each participant to place their belongings tidily.
  • Participants must not interfere with another participants belongings.
  • Cycling is not permitted in the Transition Area.
  • Participants are encouraged not to keep their personal belongings/valuables in the Transition Area.


  • In the event of inclement weather, the Organizer reserves the right to delay the commencement of the race.
  • Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the Organizer reserve the right to further delay or postpone the race without any refund of registration fees.


  • Triathlon is a physically demanding sport. Therefore, if you are unsure of your physical health condition, please seek medical advice from a medical professional before your register for the race.
  • Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol, stimulants or any kind of prohibited drugs 24-hours before the race.
  • Participants are to ensure that they are physically prepared, well-rested and well-hydrated on the race day.
  • Should a participant feels unwell in the course of the race, he/she should stop and seek immediate medical attention from the on-course ambulance or at the finishing area.
  • If a participant is deemed to be physically incapable of continuing the race eg. Severe dehydration, dizziness, fainting; the Race Officials and/or Medical Practitioner has the rights to remove him/her from continuing the race. The Organizer's decision is final in determining the removal/disqualification of the participant(s).
  • Participants should be aware that that they are joining this event at their own risk and the Organizer shall not be liable for any bodily injuries, loss and/or damage to property while Organizer will ensure precautionary measures to be taken.


Man of Steel