Registration Cut- off Date

Cut-off date is 13th August 2021 (Friday) 11.59pm Malaysian time

Race period

Any time between 16th September 2021 (Thursday) 12:01am Malaysian time until 19th September 2021 (Sunday) 11:59pm Malaysian time


All registration must be done online via Checkpoint Spot. No manual registration or any other form of registration will be accepted.


Anywhere outdoors, at a location of your choice. Running on treadmill is NOT allowed.


3km for each runner

(1) Each member of a team runs the same distance i.e. 3km
(2) Runners are required to complete the run in one go.
(3) Each runner can run the distance at any time within the Race Period.


Mixed Open

Entry Fee

RM105.00 per team for the first 50 teams (early bird registration) (exclusive of 6% online registration admin fee and delivery fee)

RM135.00 per team for the subsequent teams (exclusive of 6% online registration admin fee and delivery fee)

Team Composition and entry requirements

  1. Three (3) runners with at least one (1) female runner and at least one (1) male runner.
  2. Each runner must hold a LL.B Degree.
  3. Each team must consist of at least two (2) existing practising lawyers in Malaysia and/or pupils reading in chambers in Malaysia.

Please refer to Race Requirement for further details.

Results submission

  1. Cut-off time for results submission is 20th September 2021 (Monday) 9am (“Results’ Submission Cut-Off Time”)
  1. Captains/Team members are required to submit and upload their run results in Checkpoint Spot by either (i) auto sync, i.e. syncing their STRAVA records onto Checkpoint Spot or (ii) manual submission i.e by way of entering the relevant data fields manually on Checkpoint Spot platform provided and upload screenshots of their record as shown in STRAVA app onto Checkpoint Spot platform showing (a) name of team member (b) date and time (c) distance (d) elapsed time and (e) elevation gain.
  • The distance shown on STRAVA app shall be at least 3km. In the event the running distance is more than 3km, the total elapsed time including for the extra distance will be taken into consideration. No adjusted elapsed time will be accepted.
  • The elapsed time and NOT moving time shown on STRAVA app will be taken into account.
  • The elevation gain for the distance must be “0” or a positive gain for the overall distance of 3km for each runner.
  1. Captains/Team members shall allow Checkpoint Spot personnel to access their STRAVA records, if required. Runners’ STRAVA setting shall be set to “public” for results verification purpose.
  1. Please check our KL Bar Run Facebook page ( for information on how to submit your results.

Runner’s entitlement

All three (3) team members in a team who successfully complete the race (3 x 3km) will be awarded with a finisher medal and an event tee each within 21 working days after the Results’ Submission Cut-off Time, unless there are any movement control order which affect the distribution or logistics of the same.

Delivery fee (Captain only)

Peninsular Malaysia: RM13

East Malaysia: RM30

International for Zon A countries which include Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam (not more than 0.5kg): RM100

Facebook Page
All latest information in relation to the Run will be published on our Facebook Page.

NOTE: All participants are reminded to obey the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) on outdoor exercises from time to time.

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Finisher Medal


Rules and Regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

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Please contact:

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(b) Eunice Ong at; or
(c) Lilian Lee at