Event Information

Date : 15th October 2023 (Sunday)
Time : 06:15
Venue (Start /Finish) : Paragon Bintulu

Online Registration

Any online registration that is not followed with online payment will become invalid registration. Therefore, please ensure to pay online when you register online.
i. No refund will be made for wrongful or multiple registration.
ii. Substitution and changing of categories is NOT allowed.

Registration Fee


Early Bird Entry
(until 30 April) 

Normal Entry 
(01 May – 31 July) 

Late Entry 
(01 Aug – 20 Aug) 

10 KM 

RM 60

RM 70

RM 80

Group of 5

RM 250

RM 300

RM 350

** Price includes online payment fee by Online Registration Provider.
*** Group of 5 Registration can get their team name printed on the bib

Category and Eligibility

Category Age Entitlement
Men Open Above 18 yrs old Medal, T-Shirt, E-Cert
Women Open Above 18 yrs old Medal, T-Shirt, E-Cert
Men Junior 13 - 18 yrs old Medal, T-Shirt, E-Cert
Women Junior 13 - 18 yrs old Medal, T-Shirt, E-Cert
  1. Hari Sukan Negara (10km) 2023 shall be conducted under the rules of Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) and also a set of competition rules.  Age qualification will be taken as of 31st December 2023.
  2. You can only compete in one (1) category and is eligible for Award in the registered category.



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

4th & 5th Prize

Men & Women Open





 Men & Women Junior





** All winners will be required to produce legal proof of identification and age in order to be eligible for prizes. Runners who fail to do so will have their rank and prizes forfeited.

Event Shirt

Route Map

Race Rules & Regulations

  1. This race is open to male or female of Malaysians/international runner age 13 years old or older.​
  2. Participants must complete the race on foot under their own strength. 
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to deny entry to any participants. 
  1. Refreshments will be served at the official checkpoints.
  2. The refreshments are strictly reserved for participants only.
  1. Race bib must be worn & visible at all times (on the front) throughout the event. 
  2. Participants must stay on the marked course at all times. Short cuts/running off the route are strictly prohibited.
  3. Ensure your own safety and that of others.  Be considerate of other road users at all times. Take great care when crossing or running on roads. If another runner is injured or in distress, please assist. 
  1. Any runner seen taking a short cut along the route will be penalized/disqualified.​​
  1. If you decide to withdraw from the event, you must inform the event officials immediately and remove your race bib. 
  2. Once you have dropped out of the race, you are not allowed to re-start.
  3. Please proceed to the nearest checkpoint and inform the marshals that you've decided to drop out from the race.
  1. Medical services will be available at the race site and along the route, if required for emergency cases.
  2. It is the responsibility of all the participants to ensure that they are medically fit & healthy to participate the race.
  3. Please consult your doctor if there is any prior doubt on your health.
  1. All participants are to accept the risk associated with this event as per indemnity clause stated in registration form.
  2. The Organizer will not be responsible for any medical/insurance claims resulted from this event.
  3. It is recommended that all participants have personal accident insurance or health insurance.
  1. You must obey the instructions of the event marshals at all times. 
  2. If you miss the cut-off time for your category, you must withdraw from the race as instructed.
  3. Littering is strictly prohibited. Any runner seen littering along the route will be penalized. ​
  4. Damaging or disturbing any thing/item is strictly prohibited.
  5. Doping or use of drugs is strictly prohibited.
  6. Breaking any of the rules mentioned may incur a time penalty or disqualification.  Any such penalties are at the race organisers discretion and are final.
  7. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route or other arrangements as they deem appropriate.
  8. Participants must provide true and accurate information to the organisers. Any wilful dishonesty may render a participant's entry invalid and the organisers reserve the right to amend or cancel such participant's entry without compensation.
  9. Lack of respect for others (organisation or runners) Note : a participant whose supporters are uncivil and/or refuse to respect the organisation's instructions will be penalised. (Disqualify)


​The organisers shall reserve the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons: ( but not limited to ) 
  • Adverse weather conditions ( haze, thunderstorm etc. )
  • Dangerous conditions ( Landslides, Flood, etc. along the route etc. )
** In such event no refund of the registration fee.



 Organizer Name

Bintulu Triathlon Association