A 48-hour run is a form of Ultramarathon, in which a competitor runs as far as they can in 48 hours.


Top runners will often run 400km or more, depending on the conditions, and the best can go beyond 500km. Some participants will have a crew to help them, but others just set up a camp with all the gear and supplies they need near the starting are to access each loop.


Often 24-hour events are combined with 6-hour, 12-hour, and 48-hour events. 24-hour runs have also been held in relay formats, with runners completing a mile each in succession for 24 hours. Often these events are not internationally sanctioned, and are more for charitable purposes.


World & Malaysia Records (All Surfaces)

The World Records for 48 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 411.458km for Women, set by Joasia Zakrzewski of Britain in 2023.
  • 473.495km for Men, set by Yiannis Kouros of Greece in 1996.


The Malaysia Records for 48 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 200.0km for Women, set by Ysa Lai in 2022. (Concrete)
  • 252.0 km for Men, set by Sugeng Asianto Muryono in 2023. (Concrete)


The World Records for 24 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 270.116km for Women, set by Camille Herron of USA in 2018. (Running Track)
  • 319.614km for Men, set by Aleksandr Sorokin of Lithuania in 2021.(Asphalt)


The Malaysia Records for 24 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 191.696km for Women, set by Choong Mei Sze in 2019. (Running Track)
  • 197.060km for Men, set by David Christopher in 2022. (Concrete)


The World Records for 12 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 151.111km for Women, set by Camille Herron 2022.
  • 177.410km for Men, set by Aleksandr Sorokin of Lithuania in 2022.


The Malaysia Records for 12 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 108km for Women, set by Alison Walker.
  • 117.120km for Men, set by Muhammad Aqmal in 2022. (Concrete)


The World Records for 6 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 85.492km for Women, set by Nele Alder-Baerens of Germany.
  • 98.496km for Men, set by Donald Ritchie of Great Britain.


The Malaysia Records for 6 hours event in all surfaces:

  • 62.70km for Women, set by Chloe Oo Yin Sze in 2022.
  • 67.20km for Men, set by Mohamad Affindi in 2022.


Guinness World Record – Greatest Distance Run On A Treadmill in 24 Hours

  • 264.52km for Men, set by Bjorn Tore Kronen Taranger of Norway in 2018


Malaysia Book Of Record – Longest Distance Run On A Treadmill in 24 Hours

  • 171.53km for Men, set by Abdul Rahman bin Bullah in 2018
  • 123.85km for Women, set by Melinder Kaur in 2022



Introduced the ultramarathon to the locals, improving the standard of the ultramarathon in Malaysia to be competitive in the global stage. In conjunction with the mentioned above, this event could create the awareness of regular exercises, and the benefits of getting an outdoor activities.


Ultramarathon, a long distance sports event by foot, in the trail or on the road, even in the sports complex arena, has been increasing its popularity throughout the years in Malaysia.

Event Information

Event Date & Time   : Friday, 6:00pm, 30/6/2023 – Sunday, 6:00pm, 2/7/2023
Duration                    : 48H, 24H, 12H, 6H
Distance                    : No limit
Concept                     : 2.80km looping (TBC)
Venue                         : Kg. Orang Asli Jenderam Hilir, Dengkil, Selangor.
: Ultra Sports Venture

Starting time
     Start time Date Finish time Date
48 Hours 48H 6pm 30/6/2023 6pm 2/7/2023
24 Hours 24A 6pm 30/6/2023 6pm 1/7/2023
  24B 6pm 1/7/2023 6pm 2/7/2023
12 Hours 12A 6pm 30/6/2023 6am 1/7/2023
  12B 6am 1/7/2023 6pm 1/7/2023
  12C 6pm 1/7/2023 6am 2/7/2023
  12D 6am 2/7/2023 6pm 2/7/2023
6 Hours 6A 6pm 30/6/2023 12am 1/7/2023
  6B 12am 1/7/2023 6am 1/7/2023
  6C 6pm 1/7/2023 12am 2/7/2023
  6D 12am 2/7/2023 6am 2/7/2023


Prizes Presentation

10am (2/7/2023) – Prizes presentation for 6H category.
7pm (2/7/2023) - Prizes presentation for 48H, 24H, 12H category

Age (as on 30/6/2023)
Category Open Veteran
48H 18 – 39 years 40 years above
24H 18 – 39 years 40 years above
12H 18 – 39 years 40 years above
6H 18 – 39 years 40 years abovem


24H, 12H, 6H Hour Time Trial

  • Results will be the combination of both same category results.
  • Prizes will be determined by the best result of the combination of each category.

Award & Prizes

  • Top 5 in all category Men & Women, Open and Veteran, will be awarded trophy, medal and E-certificate of achievement.
  • Other runners will be awarded a medal and e-Certificate of achievement.
  • e-Certificates can be downloaded from Check Point Spot website.

Minimum Finishing Distance

  • 48H – 120.00km
  • 24H – 80.00km
  • 12H – 60.00km
  • 6H – 30.00km

Emergency and Safety

  • Appointed medical official will be stand-by.
  • Ambulance will be stand-by at the base.
  • Medication treatment are strictly provide to registered event participants, and their appointed support crews only.

Race Pack Collection

  • Collect at race venue 2 hours before the start on the event day.
  • Uncollected item will be forfeited.
  • No collection on behalf is allowed.

Entry Fee


  • All registration must be made online at Check Point Spot.
  • Registrations fees are none transferable.
  • No cancellation of the registrations are allow.
  • Changes & transfer of bib and category will be charged RM 20
  • Open for 18 years and above.

Registration fees

  48H 24H 12H 6H
Normal 350 300 250 200

*** 10% discount early bird until 16/04/2023 ***


Participants Entitlements

  • Event T-shirt
  • Finishing T-shirt
  • Finishing Medal
  • Bib number
  • Electronic tag
  • E-Certificate (Downloadable)
  • Food & beverage
  • GPA Insurance


  • Tent with table & chair will be ready for participants and their support crew.
  • Food & drinks will be provided.
  • Ice cube will be provided.
  • Helper or personal support crew are allowed to assist the participant in the refreshment zone.

Event and Finisher T-shirt

Coming Soon


T-shirt size chart (unisex)

  • All measurement subject to +/- 0.5 tolerance.
  • Half chest to be measured from left to right seam, 1” down from the armpit joint.
  • Half waist to be measured from left to right seam on the waist line.
  • Shirt length to be measured from the highest tip of the shoulder to the bottom hem.


(picture for illustration purposes only, colour may vary)

Coming Soon

Race Venue & Route Map

Kg. Orang Asli Jenderam Hilir, Dengkil

  • 2.80km per loop
  • All categories sharing the same route.

Organizer Information

Ultra Sports Venture

Support by:

Registrations & Timing System:
Check Point Spot Sdn Bhd

Event FB page:
Event email: