This Virtual Event (MML 2021 VR) Is Different From The Others.

This Virtual Event (MML 2021 VR) Is Different From The Others.

Back in March, I came across another virtual event, Malaysia Marathon League. Thinking that it is just another virtual run, I registered just like the many other virtual runs that I have completed.

I started to share with my friends. But I noticed that this virtual event is somehow different from the others. In most virtual runs, it is you against yourself. But Malaysia Marathon League VR is a team effort. I find that it brings my running friends closer together as we train together to achieve a better pace as we are fighting for the pride of our beloved State. Although it is a virtual event, Malaysia Marathon League has successfully brought the essence of a competitive event to a new level.

Throughout this challenge, I connect with many running friends in Kuching, Bintulu and Miri. All of us with a simple goal, which is to give our best and compete for the highest honor that the league has to offer.

And all our hard work pays off. I noticed Team Sarawak doesn’t have many individual top runners compared to other States but collectively as a team, we manage to accumulate the best time to become the first edition national champion.

I am proud of our achievement. But the work and training continue as Team Sarawak warrior-nature kicks in, as we prepare to defend our title in 2022.

Agi idup agi ngelaban, Team Sarawak!

Post from Journie Chong, MML 2021 VR Top 10 Women Elite Runner Reward Recipient. 

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