6 Gadgets To Consider Bringing On Your Next Run

6 Gadgets To Consider Bringing On Your Next Run

Technology in running gadgets is rapidly becoming an essential part of every runner’s running kit. It’s definitely a winning combination with the best running tools and fitness apps. Gadgets may not make a runner, but they can certainly assist you on your runs. Running gadgets are useful for keeping track of your numbers and making your running experience as fun as possible, especially if you’re training to run for marathons in Malaysia with its tricky roads and rough terrains.

1. Armband

Armbands may not be everyone’s preference, with the extra weight on your arm. But if you want to jog with your phone, they’re the best choice. Some runners that run with running apps to track routes or even streaming podcasts or music may find armbands handy.

A good quality armband like Sprigs Banjees Armband will hold your phone snugly and won’t cause any discomfort. When looking for an armband, search for one that fits you well and serves its purpose. Keep your eyes peeled for grip dots, which help in securing your armband in place to prevent it from sliding around.

2. Sports Earphones

Sports earphones can be a great addition of running gadgets that are a major improvement over your generic earphones. Generally, earphones similar to the TBF OPENEAR Air-conduction Earphones will have a protruding arm to hold onto your ear conch to keep it in place. These also loop around the back of your neck for maximum grip.

When shopping for one, an elegant design that is sleek and easy to use may allow you to utilise it outside of running. Certain sports earphones are waterproof as well, which may help you if it rains during your run. This gadget will allow you to listen to your audio entertainment handsfree with each stride.

3. Cap

We’re all familiar with Malaysia’s hot weather and running during the day, running could be torture on your skin. During hours when the sun is blazing hot, consider bringing a cap like the Meon Run Cap with you. Choose something lightweight with a sturdy brim to protect your face from UV rays. Bring a hat with proper ventilation and sweat absorption for optimum usage.

4. Sunglasses

Consider bringing Goodr’s sunglasses as well because it can protect your eyes from squinting that is caused by the glaring sunlight. Find a pair of sunnies that will sit properly on your nose bridge and won’t move around when you run.

5. Bottle

Having a drink after a long run and quenching your thirst is one of the best feelings. Instead of waiting until you get home, why not bring a bottle of water with you? Especially for long hikes, bringing a bottle like Ultimate Performance Runner’s Bottle that is easy to hold may keep you hydrated when you need it the most.

6. Watch

Part of essential running gadgets would definitely be a watch to add to your running routine. Not only is it lightweight, but it also offers a variety of benefits. Take the COROS Pace 2 Premium Sports Watch for example, it can track your heart rate, calorie burn and sleep schedule while also having a long battery lifespan. Furthermore, it can also track your runs with an in-built GPS system. You will be able to link all of your info to the COROS app as well. 

7. Jogging Pouch

Leaving the house with essentials such as keys and phones may be clunky and difficult to carry around in your pockets when you’re running. You can always bring a lightweight pouch with you to counter this issue. With URG’s Running Pouch, you can fit all your necessities in the bag and carry it around your waist. The adjustable belt allows you to carry the bag around your waist without it swinging too much when you’re jogging. Not only is it waterproof and breathable, but it also is reflective to keep you safe at night. 

If you want to spice up your running routine, these gadgets might just provide you with a solution that you’re looking for. Shop these items and more at CheckpointSpot Shop


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