Can Running Shoes Really Improve Your Performance?

Can Running Shoes Really Improve Your Performance?

Every athlete aims to develop their skills and generally have a competitive spirit. To gain an advantage over your competitors, you may challenge your fitness limits. Some may also find motivation by adopting to healthy living or focus on a target to aim for. Other than dietary supplements, quality running shoes could also enhance your performance for running marathons in Malaysia.

More Traction

Running shoes are specifically made in such a way that they make you move faster. A variety of methods can be used to achieve this. Having deeper outsoles for downhill or slippery trails is one of the key differences between running shoes and regular sports shoes. When shopping for a running shoe, make sure you notice whether your shoe is fitted to run on your running trail. Especially when the roads are rained on, causing it to have a wet slippery surface. If you have a running shoe with more traction will definitely help prevent slippage or injuries.

Lighter in Comparison

Even the tiniest additional weight to your running shoe may cause resistance in your running performance. This is why if you compare normal sports shoes to running shoes, the weight of the shoe tends to be lighter. Running shoes are built with the mass of the materials in mind. Different materials are considered based on comfort and their weight proportions to form a lightweight shoe. A runner would be able to swing their legs more easily as a result of this, increasing their running performance. Based on a 2016 study done by the University of Colorado Boulder, runners were segregated into 2 groups, one with lighter shoes of 100gg and one heavier at 300g. Two groups were both unaware which shoes they were wearing. Results show that runners with lighter shoes are proven to save up to 1 minute in finishing time. 

Breathable Design

The best running shoes will have good ventilation to let your feet breathe. With all the running and friction, heat will be trapped in your shoe causing you to sweat. Wearing a shoe without breathability may make your feet injured with blisters even when you’re wearing socks during running. This is because having clammy and damp skin plus friction without ventilation to cool down will cause your skin to tear. There are many ways to design a shoe with breathability. Amongst the many ways are to have mesh and knit on the shoe and with perforations on the surface for air flow. Most running shoes will also include room for your toes and also reduce friction of the insole. 

Cushions For Comfort 

Another point is that if the midsole has more cushioning, an athlete can run with straighter legs which will increase running performance. These shoes will provide a wide range of cushioning levels and variations in the height of the arch of the shoe. Both of which will complement your natural arch. Different heel heights can help you stretch your stride. Well placed padding can also help you prevent the tendency of a footfall to start on the outside of the foot and roll inward. If you want the best choice for your workout, with a lot of trial and error, you find a good cushioned one that works for you.

Preventing injury

A good running shoe can protect both the runner’s foot and the runner’s ankle. It helps to stabilize the foot and protects the skin from damage. It should also reduce potentially dangerous impact force when the runner’s foot hits the ground to return energy. Running shoes can also protect our feet’s soles and provide support for our joints. Furthermore, they also enhance our ability to move easily and flexibly. It can reduce energy loss and provide extra protection where an injury is most common. 

The biggest advantage of today’s running shoes is their infinite customizability. You will find a shoe that is truly suitable for your needs and budget among the thousands of choices available on the market. Shop for the perfect running shoes for you by considering all of these variables and you may just run faster! 


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