7 Reasons Why You Should Join Charity Runs

7 Reasons Why You Should Join Charity Runs

Representing charity runs and assisting them in achieving their vision is a great thing that you can be a part of. We all have the intention to participate in charitable activities at some point in time. Unfortunately, there are always excuses to postpone the participation. 

Charity isn’t always at the top of our priorities as we have other more important tasks such as raising our children, working, or improving our fitness and wellbeing. Although certain marathons in Malaysia are on pause because of the pandemic, there are still many virtual runs organised for charities that you can take part in.

1. You Raise Awareness Through Charity Runs

If you’re attempting a charity run, no one loses out. Therefore, running for a good cause is a special opportunity. You’re pushing through for the sake of others. When you sign up for a charity run, you are taking on a significant amount of responsibility to raise awareness. It is common that you will be required to commit a minimum sum of sponsorship money to help the charity fulfil the goal. That contribution could benefit many if channeled right.

Running to raise funds may help bring awareness to issues like cancer, child violence or mental health and many more. By bringing awareness to the organisations that need it the most, you are contributing to a lasting impact. Charities are dependent on resources, you could be that aid.

2. Get Fit

Running for a cause will not only give you more empathy, but it will also boost your stamina with practice. It will help strengthen your muscles, boost circulation and strengthen your heart. There are also highly beneficial effects to your mental wellbeing such as feeling less stressed, becoming more upbeat and regularly enjoying the “runner’s high”.

3. Have Fun

Don’t disregard how exciting it can be to race for a good cause. Charity runs are great fun. Some of them even include dressing up in funky outfits, performances, and even freebies given out on race day. If you are looking for a fun day out, registering for a charity run is a start.

4. Inspire Others

Your decisions in your life can make an impact on others. With just a fraction of your time, effort and registration fee, you will be able to unite with other runners to change lives. Run for a good cause to inspire people around you to contribute more to non-profit organisations. You will find yourself being a great influence by just a tiny contribution and a break of sweat.

5. Fulfill Personal Reasons

Join a charity run that holds a meaningful purpose to you. By supporting a cause that has had an impact on you, your family, or a close friend, you will find yourself running for a bigger purpose. Not only would you be helping the charity, but the action itself of participating for a loved one is admirable. You will find the significance of your run to be more important than your finishing time.

6. Add to Your Bucket List

Nothing beats crossing out a goal from your bucket list. Eating healthy, reading more, travelling through Asia, these are all examples of great targets on your bucket list. That being said, giving back to society would be a great addition. Maybe it’s time you added running for charity into your goals for the year and have a bucket list that holds even more meaning. 

7. Meet New People from the Community

Signing up for these good-caused marathons in Malaysia is a great way to meet new faces. Many fellow runners embrace newcomers with open arms. Whether it’s from the initial stages of signing up, or assisting the organising team, charity runs bring people together. So if you are looking to build new friendships and maybe new running buddies, these runs are ideal for you.

Therefore, running for charity has plenty of advantages for both you and the charity. If these 7 reasons have lighted a fuel to that fire, get signed up for the next charity run. 


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