Common Factors That Negatively Affect Running Performance

Common Factors That Negatively Affect Running Performance

Even the most experienced runners face factors that negatively affect their running performance. Running a marathon in Malaysia may present many challenges such as humidity and heat. The duration and distance of your training sessions are key elements in preparation for your running performance. But may be other factors that would deny you from reaching your best finishing time.

To cross the finish line and be satisfied with your timing, you will need to avoid these common factors of which will be a barrier to achieving your ideal run time.

1. Bad Running Pace 

If you are finding it hard keeping up with the rest during a marathon in Malaysia, your pace might be what’s holding you back. It might be an indicator that you should switch up your training routines. As a runner, you may tend to follow the pace of the pack without understanding that not everyone trains the same way you do. 

Although the speed of each runner will be different, the strategy of their pace would be similar. When you get the pacing right, find your stride and stick to the momentum that you are used to. By gradually increasing the pace of your runs when training, would help to improve your stamina for the long haul.

2. Blazing Weather On Your Runs

The temperature of your environment directly influences the heat exchange between you and your surroundings. Running in warm weather conditions would require your body to cool down by producing sweat. Sweating takes up energy, making you tire out quickly and messes with your running performance. You could then be at risk of developing hyperthermia and severe physiological performance stress. 

A marathon in Malaysia tends to require a great deal of tolerance to the scorching heat. This unfortunately comes with the tropical climate of Malaysia. Learning how to overcome the heat by drinking enough water would help in regulating your body temperature to last through your marathon.

3. Excess Weight Slows You Down

Excess weight has many detrimental effects on the body while running. It increases the heart rate and oxygen intake, raises your body temperature, elevates your energy usage, as well as magnifying your bone and joint pressure. This would eventually require more energy to support your weight. The less you weigh, the easier it is to move which results in faster runs. 

Weight loss can be achievable with certain training routines. Ongoing exercise is crucial in reducing the fat percentage of your body. Spending your time working out with extra-long runs and even the frequency of running will work together in getting you in shape. Start putting those hours in and you will find yourself completing a marathon in Malaysia with a lot more ease.

4. The Wrong Apparel

Wearing the right running apparel is a crucial element to running. Improve your run time by wearing clothes that are suited for the occasion. Do not deprive yourself of that comfort. Picking out the right running apparel will help you to regulate blood flow, increase muscle oxygenation, and improve body temperature control. 

Running a marathon in Malaysia is never easy, but being aware of the outdoor temperature and wearing the appropriate running apparel would help in overcoming these challenges. Be sure that your clothes are not too tight, but also ensure that they won’t fall off or slip. Focusing on movement is important when you are out on a run. Your apparel is to provide you with the freedom of movement. If it doesn’t offer the right support, replace it.

Recognizing these negative effects is the first step to improving your running performance. But now it’s time to put it into action and avoid these setbacks from slowing you down.


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