6 Ways to Improve Your Running Form

6 Ways to Improve Your Running Form

Humans have the physical and physiological builds to be outstanding runners. In contrast, running can be difficult with modernisation as we are far from the necessity to have a strong body. We’re sitting in chairs all day, bad vices are more than common and eating healthy is expensive. So our bodies have strayed from being physically ideal which makes it difficult for Malaysian marathon runners. However, a few changes to your running form will reap you big rewards.

Every Malaysian runner is conscious of what it feels like to get into their stride. But it feels like there’s a mountain to climb when it’s not going well and your running goals may remain stagnant. Not only does a good running form make a big difference about the time you can accomplish, but also how much you enjoy going out for a run.

Be natural

To run better, you need to find out how your body can move and flow. Running barefoot on a field might give you a good running form, and doing a few drills like sprints or hill repetitions will help you discover new techniques. However, don’t overthink it! Control your heart rate and focus on techniques that feel comfortable for you.

Use Good Posture

Posture will affect your running performance more than you think. When running, with your head up, shoulders level and back straight, keep your posture straight and upright. Keep the pelvis relaxed at the hip, do not lean back or forward.

Always be aware of your stance constantly during your run and change it along the way. When you start feeling tired, it’s tempting to slouch a bit but running with a proper posture can actually help avoid fatigue. Stick your chest out or take a break if you find yourself slumping. 

Practice Yoga

Yoga has been said to be a way to straighten your posture. The poses that instructors teach may help loosen joints and strengthen the stability of your body.  Yoga can also align parts of your body that will positively impact bad habits of slouching. This may help you find a balance that may be translated into your running routine. Sign up for a few trial classes if you’re skeptical. There’s no harm trying!

Eat Your Greens

Runners are understandably concerned with how they can better minimize their risk of injury but sickness can jeopardise a training plan as easily as a dodgy knee. An unhealthy diet may severely impact your running form if you let it. Be sure to eat at least five servings of fruit and veg a day, and look for a choice of colours on your plate to ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs during a rigorous training schedule to remain healthy.

Select Smarter Socks

When you are out and about for shoe shopping, you can always wear the socks that you expect to run in. The thickness of your sock, especially as your feet expand in the sun, can make a big difference to your shoe’s fit and feel. As they have extra padding around the ball of the foot, the toes and the heel section, runners can wear running-specific socks. This extra padding decreases the effect and covers critical areas capable of blistering. In turn, a comfortable base for your soles will help you find proper posture when running. The shoe can fit more tightly and add better arch support as there is often generally padding or a tighter area through the arch.

Keep your arms in shape

You want your arms to go forward and backwards, and not cross your body’s centerline. Your shoulders are as comfortable as possible in that way, and that gives you a better form. Although it may be a waste of energy to be doing big arm movements, it’s very important to use your arms, particularly when you’re climbing steep inclines.

Your running form will improve significantly with these tips. Listen to your body and adjust with what it needs. Push through the urge to give in to the habit of slouching and you will be achieving your ideal finishing time very soon! 


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