Benefits of Virtual Running Events

Benefits of Virtual Running Events

With the lockdown in 2020, a lot of marathons in Malaysia have moved into the virtual world. Virtual running events have popped up more and more for runners to keep their stride to abide in social distancing. There are several benefits to virtual runs but first, we must understand what is a virtual run?

What is a Virtual Run?

Virtual running events are races organized online on registration portals where participants pay a fee to join. There are all kinds of virtual runs available out there with different distances and prizes. Similar to traditional races, 5K, 10K, half marathons and full marathons are offered as well. Runners are able to submit their scores online and be compiled in a leaderboard at the end of the race period. 

Catered to You

The best plus point to virtual races is that it is completely up to you to decide how you want your race to be. Feeling like you want to breathe in nature? Go ahead. Want to jog around the park 10 times? Why not. As long as you meet the distance required, it doesn’t matter how you complete it. 

It is also convenient such that you can go for a run whenever you want. Although a date range to finish will be provided, it won’t restrict you such that you can run only when the sun is out. Runners who prefer night runs or early morning jogs can now build towards finishing a virtual run while on their routes.

Change of Pace

Some runners prefer training for marathons because having a deadline to work towards may help boost motivation. After a while, having the same training plan may become boring and stagnant. Running the same trails over and over again may cause a plateau in your headspace during your runs.

Focusing on an end goal of building running endurance for the day of the race will help you form a more concrete training plan for the occasion. Switching things up like this can help certain runners experience a new set of routines to get used to. It could even be a substitute for your monthly gym subscriptions or yoga classes if you let it. 

More Affordable 

Furthermore, the registration fees of virtual runs are cheaper than the traditional races. Not only is it more affordable, but runner entitlements are also included in the package. Most often, virtual running goodies will include a custom t-shirt and a finisher’s medal. So upon registering, entitlements will be sent to your doorstep for you to wear the swag on your runs. 

If you’re a good enough runner to be in the top 3s, you may even receive a special prize. Virtual running events in Malaysia award their runners with the shortest finish time and the top 3 usually gets bigger rewards. Similar to online games, you can be competing with other runners on the other side of the country. Isn’t that exciting!

Anybody Can Participate

Generally, virtual running events do not have an age limit set in place. It is encouraged for everyone at any age to participate. It could become a fun challenge between relatives who are separated by distance during the lockdown. By sharing a virtual running event, you may update each other on your scores and even compare leaderboard placings at the end of the event. The versatility in virtual runs allows anyone to be a part of this bonding experience together.


Virtual running events could be the go to while this lockdown is upon us. Build something alongside your daily running rituals and even receive goodies. If you’re a runner who prefers a sparse crowd, virtual running events could be perfect for you too!




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