What are Good 5k and 10k times for Running?

What are Good 5k and 10k times for Running?

As a marathon runner in Malaysia, you may have this question on your mind. Despite your vigorous endurance training, it is not the only determining variable. Finishing times may vary from person to person, with gender, age as well as experience being the primary reasons. Although there may be several factors that affect your finishing time, comparing yourself to the average is a good way to keep track of your progress. 

5k Finish Times for Male and Females
5km running finish times

Source: RunRepeat

Generally males finish marathons faster than females. As a beginner, targeting to finish within 35 minutes is reasonable. On average, runners who train consistently on their endurance running will finish within 30 minutes. Very skilled runners will tend to finish within the 20 minute mark. 

10k Finish Times for Male and Females
10k running finish times

 Source: RunRepeat

A good finishing time to target for a 10k finishing time is an average of 1 hour for a beginner Malaysian runner. However, don’t expect to hit this goal easily as it requires patience to go through your training to build up running endurance. If you wish to challenge yourself, you may go for the winner’s time at an average of 35 minutes, belonging in between the 1st and 10th percentile.

How to improve your finish time?
  • Training:
    Plan a training schedule and follow it. Build stability for more stamina over time to get through the marathon. Run at least 3 times a week or over 5 times to see more visible results. However, take into account your bodies’ capabilities at your current stage and plan accordingly.
  • Diet:
    Avoid unhealthy intakes as much as possible and focus on consuming small balanced meals of carbohydrates, protein and fresh produce. Of course, sugary and processed foods should not be on the menu.
  • Set reasonable goals:
    Train for 5k marathons first before moving forward to 10k marathons. It is important to consider what stage you are at and the current build of your body. Do not expect immediate results as it takes a lot of patience and time to build running endurance. With that being said, you will notice changes week by week so you can alter your training and challenge yourself within reasonable means.
  • Pacing:
    Initially, it is best to start with a slow pace. Although many will pass you, it is best to conserve your energy at the beginning. The best strategy during the midpoint is to pace yourself within a reasonable rate that won’t be too taxing. Concentrate on moving forward to conserve your endurance as much as you can. During the last stretch, boost yourself as necessary to pass the other runners. 
  • Rest:
    Your body will need to rest occasionally to recuperate itself. Leading up to the marathon date, set more rest days for yourself. It is recommended to rest 2 days before your marathon. Doing this will maintain your running endurance for the race.

Keep in mind, your timing may be affected by unexpected situations like weather during your marathon. The weather can be brutal for runners in Malaysia with its heat and humidity, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Be proud of what you have achieved, even if it is just a slight improvement. Maintain a healthy mindset towards the goal you have set for your finishing time and work towards it. 

Based on the research of Chicago Marathon runners, the more you repeat a race, the more your finish time will reduce. Consistency is key, so keep at it and one day you will find yourself at a marathon finishing time that you’re proud of! 


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