5 Tips for Getting Your Mindset Right Before Physical Exercise

5 Tips for Getting Your Mindset Right Before Physical Exercise

Let’s face it: being inspired to be healthy is easier said than done. After deciding on our New Year’s resolution, we lose steam, momentum, and inspiration as the year rolls forward. While it is easy to blame life, procrastinating in our heads is perhaps the most significant barrier to a practical resolution.

From what you think and feel to how you behave and react to the world around you, your attitude and belief system impacts everything in your life. Your attitude needs to fit your goals to accomplish your objectives. Otherwise, it could hold you back from getting you to where you want to be.

Set a Realistic Goal

The purpose for running should be for yourself and for someone or something else that is motivating you to start training. Sadly, some may feel that they must give in to social pressure and are influenced upon a target set by others. In essence, the reason that made you interested does not matter, but if your purpose is to impress someone else, being demotivated to continue is unavoidable. 

A goal to set for yourself is not limited to a marathon or a competition of endurance sports. It could also be to fit into the old pair of jeans hidden in your wardrobe or finishing the Malaysian running event. Define it, write it down and revise it every day, whatever it is.

Keep a Schedule

Failure is inevitable if you lie to yourself, thinking that you can fit a workout between a busy schedule. Last-minute disruptions always come along. Instead, write your workout into your schedule and focus this one hour for your health.

Purposely scheduling your exercise in your calendar is a commitment to yourself. Try to envision your weekly goals, monitor your progress and make sure you are accountable.

Change how you talk to yourself

How you talk to yourself determines your attitude. If you say that you are not good enough, your thoughts will build your reality. A negative mindset will stop you from fully achieving what you want. Change your negative voice into motivational speech to upgrade your mindset. 

Act as though you already have the attitude of a healthy and fit person if that is who you intend to be. You are tricking your brain to embrace a new mindset and reinforce it with actions. Research suggests that an adopting mindset is more effective than a fixed mindset. Whether you are naturally healthy at something, understanding that change is possible, even when you are trying to learn something new is a healthy way to think. 

Instead of dwelling on the past, congratulate yourself and recognise your success by committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Instead of focusing on negative emotions, try to concentrate on how wonderful your body feels.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

When you have a friend waiting for you, working out is a lot more exciting. Change the coffee date and go to a cycling class or run the trails instead. Plus, research demonstrates that the amount of exercise you do regularly improves by having a workout buddy.

Try joining fitness coaches and wellness experts on social networking sites or online forums and connect with other individuals seeking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is proof that individuals who get this kind of online help lose up to three times more weight than individuals who do it alone.

Create your personalised routine

The very first thing to bear in mind is that you need to stick to it for anything to become routine. Once a routine is set up, keep at it even if you don’t feel like it. Over time, it will get simpler and will finally become a routine where you don’t even have to worry about.

There are many exercise scheduling apps and technology out there. From the more costly wearable wrist watches to a quick and free pedometer app on your phone, when you want to get moving, technology has you covered.

If you’re looking for a more cost-saving way to exercise, going for a stroll, a run, a hike, or to throw a ball around in the park is free. Plus, there are plenty of free guided workout exercises on YouTube.

Think of different ways of being healthy and write down. When it is time to get going, keep your list handy. You will remain engaged and inspired by getting a broad selection of activities. A smart tip is to reserve your favourite things for lazy days.


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