Does What You Wear Affect Athletic Performance?

Does What You Wear Affect Athletic Performance?

The essence of sports always requires athletes to challenge themselves more and more. Their hunt for the next best thing to improve their performance is constant. Could athletic apparel be part of that list?

Boosts athletic performance

Compression stockings are known to alleviate exhaustion, swelling and to prevent several medical conditions, such as varicose veins and lymphedema. By enabling the circulatory system to pump blood from the lower legs back to the heart, the garment increases blood flow.

Athletes agree that compression socks can boost blood flow during physical exercise. Theoretically, the quicker transfer of oxygen to muscle cells can result in higher athletic stamina. Nevertheless, no research has yet shown that this theory is accurate.

Gain confidence 

The psychological impacts that sports uniforms have on the athletes are numerous. Not only must uniforms fit well and feel comfortable, but colour also plays an essential part in perception. A well-designed uniform may make all the difference to an athlete’s performance. It may even influence the athlete to thrive simply just by wearing it due to the gained confidence in his appearance. That is why you might find fitness or sports apparel influenced by famous sports teams or athletes. 

Uniforms will not be able to improve playing ability directly, but they may affect the comfort and confidence of an individual. So if you’re looking for a way to indirectly improve your performance, find comfortable and famous runners’ running apparel in Malaysia for your morning runs! 

Foot function

Agility is significantly affected by the shoes you wear. If your shoes do not allow stable movement, the impact of losing your footing will be detrimental. Such pressure can impose stress on your joints and tissues which will put you in an athletic hiatus until you are healed.

On the other hand, using the same pair of shoes for your morning jog, playing basketball, and going to the gym may prove to be inefficient. This is due to certain types of shoes being designated for a certain sport. Wearing a runner’s shoe to the gym will just decrease the lifespan of it unnecessarily. Therefore, if you are interested in marathon running in Malaysia, look for quality running shoes and keep them for running only!

Speeds up recovery

When wearing compression stockings or sleeves, many athletes report a faster recovery rate after exercise, which tends to help muscles heal more effectively. Trying to recover from an intense exercise can be a long process, and when you are new to rigorous workout sessions, muscle discomfort is more likely to happen. After strenuous workouts, compression shorts will help in muscle recovery.

Partially justified by a study, it is indicated that compression stockings help with faster post-exercise healing. Athletes participating in these tests reported that they experienced reduced pain, stiffness, fatigue, and tightness in the calves when they kept the socks on for a while after their workouts.

Provides extra support

Some appear to have claimed that apparel is an enveloped support that decreases vibration and lessens friction concerning muscles and ligaments, enhancing mechanical performance. There is less muscle wear and tear due to silky sports apparel.

For example, compression shorts offer extra groin assistance. When you practice or compete, they offer an efficient, comfortable way to protect vulnerable body parts. For baseball and football players who need extra safety and don’t want to compromise comfort, compression shorts are the answer.


Comfortable sports apparel can go a long way in helping you perform better. Dedicated and fitting apparel, regardless of the preferred sport, will ensure consistent stability and comfort, which will improve and optimize performance. 

Although compression shorts add pressure to your buttocks and thigh region, with little wind resistance, many athletes find such garments very comfortable. Compression shorts create less chafing and discomfort than more conventional athletic shorts, plus they won’t ride up while you’re running, squatting, sitting up, or stretching.


Sports apparel has fabric ventilations that limit the trapping of heat in the fabric. These fabrics will keep you drier and cooler for longer, utilizing accelerated evaporation. The lightweight fibers decrease friction to help us stay cool for long periods of exercise!

Additionally, elevated core body temperature and dehydration can result from excess heat, which can prevent the heart from pumping sufficiently oxygenated blood back to the muscles. 



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