Soh Wai Ching May Put Malaysia in The Guinness World Record

Soh Wai Ching May Put Malaysia in The Guinness World Record

On the 18th of November 2020, Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur will be serving its venue for Asia’s No. 1 and the World’s No. 2 tower runner, Soh Wai Ching, to make his attempt in breaking the ‘Greatest Vertical Height Stair Climbing in One Hour (Male)’ record. He is one step closer to turning his dream into reality by having his name and our country, Malaysia, in The Guinness Book of World Records

President and Founder of Malaysia Towerrunning Association, the 26 years old full-time athlete is determined to beat 1.227 KM flight of stairs under an hour, a world record set by Spaniard David Robles Tapia in Zaragoza, Spain, back in Jan 20, 2019.

What Inspired Him

Besides making us, Malaysians, proud, one of his main objectives is to inspire sportsmen, sportswomen and youths in Malaysia to pursue their dreams. “Despite facing difficulties, like the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone should believe in themselves and their own abilities. We all can do something amazing within our creativity and capabilities,” said Soh Wai Ching. 

How Did He Start Tower Running?

The question is more like who? Jeffrey Ross – a good friend of Soh Wai Ching challenged him 3 years ago during the KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge. Well, guess who won? Within a month of training, Mr. Ross was defeated by our hero by a huge margin. He would then gain the title as the Best Malaysian Tower Runner. Using the prize money that he won, Soh Wai Ching discovered his potential in this sport by participating in various tower running competitions overseas that made him known for who he is today.

His Achievement

Wai Ching achieved World’s No. 2 in tower running by accumulating points from high-point-factor races in the Towerrunning Tour. The 8 best races’ points are taken into a ranking system and the tower runner with the highest points will be the World’s No. 1 Tower Runner. Wai Ching’s total accumulated score as of today is 954, falling just 10 points behind Piotr Łobodziński (Currently Ranked No. 1). For more details and information about the event, visit

What Does His Training Look Like

Wai Ching trains 4 – 5 sessions at the stairs and has 3 – 4 sessions of running per week. He runs about 200 – 400 floors per session when he’s training at the stairs. Training for the Guinness World Record has ramped up his training volume significantly in order to strengthen his body for this endurance sport. He has also taken in a special food diet like Beet It Sport Shots (Concentrated Beetroot Juice) on top of his nitrate storage while preparing for this challenge. Besides that, his diet consists of 65-70% Carbs, 15-20% Protein and 10-20% Fats. He also equips himself with Bauerfeind Compression Upper Legs and Lower Legs when he is training.

Challenges Faced

With Malaysia’s borders closed, inviting the adjudicator from GWR to witness Wai Ching’s mission was definitely one of the biggest challenges faced by our local dream chaser. “Sourcing for a TV production team was also one of the challenges that I had to overcome, so that all Malaysians can watch my attempt on local TV and social media platforms LIVE. I hope to receive support and love from the nation during my quest and I will give it my all to put Malaysia’s flag on the world’s stage,” explained Wai Ching. 

After The GWR

We will definitely see more of “Wai Ching” and “Guinness World Record” used in the same sentence. “After completing this challenge, I plan to have a break and prepare a blueprint for another major project. Running up the tallest structure in the world, I want to break a GWR at the Burj Khalifa” said the passionate tower runner. It is unquestionably something that all of us are excited to look forward to seeing. 

His Words

Covid-19 caught everybody off-guard and most runners have slowed down their running activities as a lot of sports events have been cancelled in Malaysia. Besides hoping for Malaysians to show him support and pursuing their dreams, Wai Ching would love to share a message with everyone who enjoys running like him. “Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, we must be responsive by reacting and acting quickly when or once things change drastically. We must stay active and be consistent but, most importantly, enjoy the sport!”.

Let’s be honest. Supporting our local sportsmen is definitely something that all Malaysians love to do and it is undeniably an activity that brings us all closer as a nation. So yeah, Soh Wai Ching, we’ve all got your back bro! And we are all already so proud of you. Now let’s put us in The Guinness Book of World Records.


Checkpoint Spot is honoured to be the official timer for this historic attempt. We wish Soh Wai Ching all the best. The entire nation is cheering for you!