5 Ways Coffee Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

5 Ways Coffee Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

An athlete’s performance is largely affected by their diet. There are many recommendations when it comes to sports nutrition; healthy diets for general fitness programmes, personalised diets for more serious sports junkies, and even supplements for top athletes. Maintaining a specific diet can be quite costly and difficult.

Lucky for us, coffee is actually a convenient and recommended pre-workout drink! Here’s why:

Burns Fat And Boost Energy

Once caffeine enters the bloodstream, the body responds in several ways. Heart rate increases, fat stores are broken down and fatty acids are released into the bloodstream. Unlike most substances and supplements, caffeine can affect cells throughout the body, including muscle cells and the brain. The high levels of caffeine in coffee significantly improve the ability to burn fat during exercise. In addition, drinking coffee in the morning means consuming fewer calories during the day because caffeine suppresses appetite. Studies have shown coffee provides more effective fat burning during a workout and for several hours following exercise. 

Reduces Muscle Pain During And After Workouts

Exercise can cause painful lactic acid build-up when the muscle is stressed. Drinking a cup of coffee prior to exercise may help to encounter this discomfort. Athletes who want to go further and train harder in sports might experience intense muscle soreness during workouts. Especially for beginners who just started running for marathons in Malaysia, coffee can help lower the amount of pain perceived by the runners and in return can enhance endurance sports.

Besides that, drinking 2 cups of coffee can reduce post-workout muscle soreness by up to 48%. This is a significant improvement for active athletes concerned about soreness after an intense workout. Coffee can also shorten recovery time too. 

Delays Exhaustion

With a hit of caffeine from coffee, athletes can press up their last repetition. Those extra repetitions at the end of a weight training session are always harder than the first few due to exhaustion. Caffeine enables an athlete to train longer with greater power output, hence it is a great drink to have especially for those who are into intense sports like endurance runs. It can improve endurance levels and allow resistance to fatigue. Coffee stimulates the body to use fat stores instead of muscle glycogen during long workouts, allowing prolonged use of working muscles.

The research found that athletes who did not consume caffeine reached exhaustion much faster than those who did. In the presence of coffee, athletes are more psychologically ready to go again, resulting in more repetitions and more intense workouts to be done.

Better Concentration

During exercise, your mind fatigues along with your muscles. Coffee and caffeine have been shown to improve mental focus. Athletes consuming caffeine prior to intense fitness training can concentrate better along with the ability to sustain high levels of exercise intensity. Coffee can help to improve mental performance hence benefiting your workouts too. When thinking is sharp, workouts become more productive and effective. It takes 2 cups of coffee to achieve great results for your routines.


Instead of protein shakes, you can have a cup of coffee post-workout as a substitute. Athletes who ingest coffee after exercise had approximately 66% more muscle glycogen. If athletes can have 66% more fuel for their next training, there is no question they can go farther or faster.

Caffeine can produce an ergogenic effect, meaning it can improve physical performance in several ways. If you’re looking for a good quality coffee to have before your workout routine, try PacificBru Coffee instead. Not only does it wake you up in the morning, but it’s also delicious for the taste bud!


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