What are Virtual Runs and Why are They so Popular?

What are Virtual Runs and Why are They so Popular?

It seems that there is no shortage of advantages when it comes to running. You might hear a whole host of facts and figures regarding its capacity to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, to boost circulation, increase metabolism, and improve overall athletic performance. 

If you’re a runner now, fantastic! 

If not, it’s not too late. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran of the trail, now is a great time to explore a new development in running: the virtual sprint.

There may be no lack of endurance sports in Malaysia but if the current running scene makes you feel jaded, consider the athletic trend of virtual running. Virtual races could just be the next major thing, a model that provides more versatility and independence than physical races. A virtual run is an event that you can participate in on your own, from where you are, and at your convenience! Most of the proceeds usually go to charities, so you get to race for a cause.

What is it?

A virtual run is equivalent to any conventional running event, including races such as 5KMs, 10KMs, half-marathons and full marathons. However, what differentiates a virtual run is that you register online and complete the race in your own time, in your own way.

You post your race results online to a wide group of fellow athletes once you’re done running. Here, with mutual interests, you will find motivation, encouragement, and friends.

A virtual run will also result in a medal and a running bib arriving for mail delivery, which you can choose to wear during your virtual run.

It’s almost always for a good cause

Many virtual races favour a charity so that the causes which are near and dear to one’s heart can be funded. You should inquire about how much of the registration proceeds go to the foundation if the race details do not make this clear. Donations to most humanitarian groups are down during this pandemic because they have had to postpone most of their fundraising activities. There was never a better opportunity, therefore, to go for a run and support a great cause.

The upcoming Running Kaki Malaysia Christmas Event is a good example of this. It advocates a healthy lifestyle and stands for encouraging people to stay fit in hard times. It’s a Christmas event that’s fuelled by motivation, togetherness and health.

Blowing off some COVID-19-related steam!

Before COVID-19 shut the world down, numerous runners were far into their training plans. Some runners have managed to pursue them faithfully, while others (due to tension, homeschooling or other COVID19-related problems) have, naturally, been thrown off course. If you have signed up for a marathon or a half marathon, yet your training plans have gone wrong, but you are still interested in competing in a virtual run, consider moving to a shorter distance if it suits your current living situation better.

You can get creative

In 2016, when he completed the first-ever Digital Virgin Money London Marathon, British astronaut Tim Peake broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon session in space while on the International Space Station. Without a doubt, that is the peak of creativity.

Some runners may race on their backyard treadmills, others in their neighbourhood may loop through the streets, whereas others tackle a familiar path. This is your sprint, get creative, and select a path that works for you and meets the recommendations of your public health authorities. You can select an easy route or you can choose to emulate the course that you were originally supposed to compete. You can also set your own pace. If you’re trying a run longer than normal, breaking the miles up over a few days can stop overstraining. 

Tracking your progress is a large part of the virtual run experience. Don’t hesitate to harness the power of some of the latest tech and gadgets to optimize your run and track your stats seamlessly. The H16 Smartwatch with Bluetooth has features like a heart rate sensor, music switch, flip wrist activation screen and even a calorie and distance app operation view.

It’s a convenient alternative

Run a virtual race on a watch of your own! You don’t have to go anywhere, all you’ve got to do is step out of your front door. Running a path that you are familiar with is also a big advantage, which can mean no surprises along your planned route. Just remember at all times to keep your distance and remain 6 feet away from others.


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