Jesselton107 2018

The Jesselton107k is an ultra-road marathon which will showcase Kota Kinabalu City. The aim is to start and finish in Kota Kinabalu City where the race will cover a distance of approximately 107km within 21 hours. The local roads will include major roads from Kota Kinabalu towards Jalan Sulaman, Politeknik, Rasa Ria Resort junction, Menggatal Town, Kokol Hill, Kionsom Waterfall, Jalan Kolopis towards Donggongon Town, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Jalan Istana, Signal Hill, and eventually ending the race at Padang Merdeka. There will be a 50km drop bag area in Menggatal Town for participants to take the opportunity to change, rest, and fuel up before continuing the race.

In addition, for participants who are not ready to challenge themselves to a 100k road race, we have also included a 57km ultra-road distance which starts in Menggatal Town (50km drop bag area for 107k category) and follow the same course as the remaining distance of the 107k category. The cut-off time for the 57k category is 11 hours.

Date: 4th-5th August 2018
7:00pm (107km) (4th August 2018) | 3:00am (57km) (5th August 2018)
Venue: Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu (
DistanceCategoryAge RequirementPrice
107KMA - Men Open18-39 years oldRM350
107KMB - Women Open18-39 years oldRM350
107KMC - Men Veteran40 years old and aboveRM350
107KMD - Women Veteran40 years old and aboveRM350
57KME - Men Open18-39 years oldRM200
57KMF - Women Open18-39 years oldRM200
57KMG - Men Veteran40 years old and aboveRM200
57KMH - Women Veteran40 years old and aboveRM200
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
  1. Race Bib
  2. Event Tee
  3. Finisher Tee
  4. Finisher Medal
  5. Food & Beverages
  6. Medic Support
Finisher Medal, Cash Prize and Trophy for Podium Finishers 1st – 5th for all categories
Date: 2nd-3rd August 2018 (Thursday-Friday)
Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Adventure Sport Group, 2nd floor, Karamunsing Complex, KK
  1. Runners must complete the set course on foot by their own power and ability within the stipulated time;
  2. A number of water station points will be set up along the routes, which are from a minimum span of 4.2km to a maximum span of 12.3km apart;
  3. Drinking cups will not be available at all water stations except at the 50km checkpoint; runners must have their own cup or other personal container suitable for the purpose;
  4. Support crew or any personal assistance along the running route is NOT ALLOWED for all categories. Assistance is permitted at water station points, provided the areas reserved for runners are not encroached upon and that the road regulations are complied with;
  1. Runners must understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an ultra-long distance road running race. He/she will be running all day and night on the road. He/she must have undertaken the necessary training to compete in such a race.
  2. Runners will be responsible for his/her self-safety by having the ability and skills to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race of this nature.
  3. Runners must be able to undertake or deal with on his/her own without any other external assistance during the deteriorating weather conditions (e.g. raining, strong winds, hot sun and etc..) and other unforeseen circumstances arises while running on the road.
  4. Runners who accept any assistance and support from any person may be disqualified.
  5. In the event of a runner meeting another runner who is in health difficulty or injured, he/she must stop to help and inform the race organizer to seek for medical assistance. Failure to do so may result in penalties or disqualification being imposed to the runner or runners concerned.
By entering the race, each runner undertakes to take with him/her all the mandatory items as listed below throughout the race.
Failure to do so will result in application of the time penalties or disqualification;
Gear checks will be carried out on all runners before the race starts, and spot checks may be carried out along the route during the race.
  1. Headlamps with adequate brightness (at least 100 lumens) is required for all categories.
  2. Reflective vest “and” any bright back blinking accessories. It is runner’s responsibility to have the reflective vest and blinking accessories during the night.
  3. Water bottles or hydration bag with a minimum capacity of 500ml;
  4. Whistle;
  5. Mobile phone;
  6. Foldable cup or other container suitable for drinking at the water station points;
  7. Emergency blanket;
  8. Sport foods & Gels;
  9. Basic First Aid Kit
  10. Head gear or cap or bandana;
  11. Sun UV block (highly recommended);
  12. Change of clothes and running shoes (50km drop bag for 107km category only – highly recommended);
  13. Waterproof jacket;
  14. Cash
  15. Route Map and Elevation Map.
  1. Race bib will be given out individually during the Race Pack collection, upon presentation of suitable identity document;
  2. The race bib must be worn and clearly visible on the chest or stomach or on the back of the backpack carried by the runners at all times.
  3. The race bib is transferable 6 weeks before the race date (before registration closed). Thereafter, no race bib is transferable and no fee is refundable;
  4. No fee is refundable, even in the event when the race may be canceled or postponed.
  1. The race course will be marked with reflective tapes and signs for every 3km of the course and at major junctions;
  2. Runners must follow the directions given by the race organizer during the race briefing;
  1. There is no drop bag for 57KM category runners;
  2. 107KM runner is only allowed 1 drop bag at 50KM midway point (CP5).
  3. 107KM runner may choose not to deposit any drop bag. This is not a compulsory requirement;
  4. Drop bag must be tagged with the provided Tag Number from the Race Pack
  5. Drop bag size is not more than 2 ft x 2 ft or 5kg;
  6. Fragile or valuable items should not be placed in the drop bags;
  7. Bags with objects attached to the outside will not be transported.
  8. If a runner pulls out of the race, his/her bag will be transported to the race finishing point, where he/she may collect it upon presentation of his/her bib number. The runner shall understand that the timing of the return of his/her drop bag will be subject to the schedule of the organizer’s transport vehicle;
  9. The organizer may not be held liable for the loss or damage of any objects during transport of the drop bags;
  10. Drop bag must be given to race organizer at the start line 1 hour before the race starts;
  1. Each participant must recognize and understand that there are risks of injuries and/or accidents associated with road running. Runners are participating in this race at his/her own risk. However, in order to ensure race safety, the organizer will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race;
  2. While the race organizer has purchased Public Liability Insurance for this event, it is strongly recommended that the runners have obtained their own adequate Personal Medical Insurance coverage;
  3. Medical points will be set up at certain check points;
  4. If necessary, and in the interests of the person being rescued, at the exclusive discretion of the organizers, the official medical rescue services may be called upon to take over operations, using any means they consider appropriate, including an ambulance. Any costs deriving from such exceptional transport will be charged to the person who has been rescued;
  5. Depending on the runner health conditions, an emergency evacuation may be required. This emergency evacuation will be at the expenses of the person being rescued;
  6. The official race medical assistants are authorized to stop and withdraw any runners who are considered as physically unfit to continue or life threatening. The runner’s bib will be removed as part of the DNF (Did Not Finish) procedures;
  7. If a runner drops out from the race, the runner MUST first inform and register with the marshals at the nearest checkpoints. Proper “DNF” procedures will be followed and completed before the runner is allowed to leave the event;
  8. In case of an emergency, if the runners are unable to reach/call the Race Director, runners can also call the public emergency number ‘999’ directly for help;
  9. The cell phone coverage might be limited at certain areas on the race route. However, it is still mandatory for runners to carry their cell phone for emergency purpose.
  1. The timing will be recorded at the checkpoints/water station points established by the organizers;
  2. Only runners with the race bib will have access to the water station;
  3. Drinks will be provided at every water station;
  4. No water cups will be dispensed to the runners except at the 50km check point (CP5) for 107KM category. Runners will need to use their own cups or containers for any drinks served at the check points or water stations;
  5. Runners are NOT ALLOWED to bring out the bottles from all the designated water stations;
  6. Food will be available at the 50km check point (for 107KM category only) and also at selected water station;
  7. The route map, which can also be downloaded online, will contain accurate indications of the water station points;
  8. The organizers reserve the rights to carry out checks at other points along the route;
  9. Food and water at the water station points are solely for runners with race bibs only.
  1. The cut-off time for completion of the whole race are:
    • 57KM – 11 Hours
    • 107KM – 21 Hours
  2. There will also be cut-off times at check points where this will also serve as a safety precaution;
  3. In the event of poor weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organizers reserve the rights to suspend the race or to make changes to the cutoff times;
  1. Runners may DNF voluntarily or by missing the cut-off time at designated check points along the race course;
  2. Runners who decides to DNF must proceed to the nearest check point, inform and register with the race marshals by signing a DNF Form, and the race bib will be marked to indicate the DNF status of the runners.
  3. Runners who fails to notify the organizers immediately, thereby setting in motion a search and rescue operations by the rescue staff, will be liable to pay for any costs deriving there-from;
  4. Runners who fail to arrive at the check points within the cut-off time will not be allowed to continue.
  5. In the case of runners who wish to withdraw from the race and are unable to get to the next check point, the runners should rest at a bright, safe place with sufficient phone coverage and wait for the sweeper/race marshals to arrange for pick-up and delivery to the finish point; or please contact the emergency number ‘999’ to seek for assistance.
  1. Not carrying the mandatory items during the race, including not wearing reflector vest or bright blinking accessories during the night;
  2. Taking shortcuts and/or running off the race route;
  3. Throw any garbage along the race route.
  4. Cheating (e.g. using other means of transportation, using substitute runners and other unlawful actions);
  5. Not abiding by the rules and regulation given by the race organizer and official race staffs including medical assistants, emergency staffs and marshals;
  6. Not wearing the race bib at all times during the race;
  7. Continue to run after the cut off time without the agreement of race officials;
  8. Doping and the use of prohibited drugs;
  9. Sleeping along the route course is prohibited as it will have a large impact on the environment, safety and may also mistakenly lead others to think that you might require emergency medical assistance;
  10. Running with his/her supporters
  1. Breaking any of the rules and regulations may incur time penalty or immediate disqualification.
  2. Any such penalties are at the organizer’s discretion and are final.
Should there be any complaints/suggestions, kindly e-mail to us at

  1. The organizers reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the race route and check points/water stations or to the cut-off times;
  2. In the event of poor or extreme weather conditions (a strong depression with heavy rain), the start of the race may be delayed up to 4 hours at most, after which time the race will be cancelled;
  3. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the race route wherever deem necessary for the safety of the runners.
  1. The Champion of each categories will be the runner that takes the shortest time (Gun time) to reach the finish line;
  2. All runners who reach the Finishing Line will be awarded a medal and a t-shirt bearing the title of “Finisher”
  3. To be awarded, runners must complete the overall race within the cut-off time of the race;
  4. Special Prizes will be awarded to podium finishers ranking from first(1st) to third (3rd) for male and female runners in the 57KM and 107KM category respectively.
Each participant expressly foregoes his/her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race, and undertakes not to take any legal action against the organizers and their authorized partners for the use of his/her image.
Organizer: Sabah Trail Seekers

Registration Closed

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