Conquer The Trails @ Serendah 2019

Formerly called the Canaan Valley edition of the Conquer the Trails genre, we have move further north to the incredibly beautiful establishment of Flamboyan Resort close to the Ulu Yam town. Hidden behind the hustle and bustle of Jalan Ulu Yam, this resort is the perfect place for such a getaway event.

Look for the Secondary Science school of Hulu Selangor (Sekolah Menengah Sain Hulu Selangor) on your google map and behind the school lies the beautiful Flamboyan Resort. Chalets and camping grounds welcome its guests. More info here :

So, what do we have in store for you at the 2nd edition of this event. Well a stiff 17km(approximately) challenge to test your hard earn fitness. Sights and sounds. Perhaps a proper waterfall this time. Those who are planning to join this run for the 1st time, well you won’t be disappointed with the plethora of terrain type.  Those coming back for seconds, well Happy Trails awaits you.

So mark this event on your calendar as a must do event this coming 14th July and be fascinated by this unique flora and fauna area. 

P/S: As usual, we will advise the experience level required to complete this trail.

  1. Good to have completed a trail run event before, minimum 10km and above.
  2. If this is your first trail run event, be able to do a road run of 21km within 5 hours. Or 10km within 2.5 hours.
  3. Come to have fun, and not break records.  It’s easier that way.

Date : 14th July 2019
Venue : Flamboyan Resort, Ulu Yam
Flag Off time : 7:30AM
Distance : approx 17km

Google Map :




Arrival of participants


Flag-off for all participants


Estimated time for 1st participant to Finish


Prize presentation ceremony


Event officially ends

Category Early Bird
(till 6th May 2019)
Normal Fee
(till 7th June 2019)
Men Open (18 - 39 years old) RM80 RM90
Men Veteran (40 and above) RM80 RM90
Women Open (18 - 39 years old) RM80 RM90
Women Veteran (40 and above) RM80 RM90
  • FOOD
  1. HYDRATION PACK OR BOTTLES (for both Conquer)
  2. A GOOD BREAKFAST OR CARRY ON ENERGY FOOD (You are asking for it if you think you can finish the entire run on an empty stomach)
  3. EVENT BIB WITH TIMING CHIP (without the bib, you get ABSOLUTELY nothing.)


Men’s Open & Veteran

Women’s Open & Veteran


RM300 & Trophy

RM300 & Trophy


RM200 & Trophy

RM200 & Trophy


RM100 & Trophy

RM100 & Trophy


RM90 & Trophy

RM90 & Trophy


RM80 & Trophy

RM80 & Trophy

Date : 6th and 7th JULY 2019

Time : 10.30am – 6.00pm

Venue : Hobbies Sportswear(Go Sport), 58A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi , Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Google Maps :

Website : https://www.hobbies


** Those who require postal services to receive your race kit please email the organizer directly. The postage fee is RM10 via pos laju.
We will stop accepting postage request from 23rd June onwards.


** It’s entirely your responsibility to collect your race kit. **
**Any uncollected race kits will be dispose off immediately **


Bungalows & Chalets

  • Room bookings must be done by 30th June 2019 with a non refundable deposit of RM50.
  • All remaining room bookings must be paid in cash during check-in to the Resort
  • Rooms are on a first come first serve basis.


  • For those who want to camp, please make your reservation with us by 30th June with a non-refundable deposit of RM20.
  • All remaining camping bookings must be paid in cash during check-in to the Resort


  • Only Resort guests are allowed to park in the Resort.
  • As parking space is limited, please carpool as much possible.


1) General

  1. The Event is a trail running event set at the Flamboyan Resort, Serendah, Selangor
  2. There will only be one race distance which is approx 17.0km.
  3. 4 categories are being offered.
    1. Men Open (18-39 years old) & Men Veteran (40 years above).
    2. Women Open (18-39 years old) & Women Veteran (40 years above).
    3. 17 years old and below must registered with parent or guardian consent.
  4. The event is open to all Malaysians and to all foreigners with a valid Malaysian working permit or foreigners with Permanent Resident status or a valid Malaysia My 2nd Home Pass or as allowed by Organizer.

2) Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB)

  1. This event carries a BYOB policy where all participants are responsible to carry or bring along their water bottles or hydration packs.
  2. Strictly no cups will be available at the water stations provided throughout the entire running course.

3) Medical conditions and fitness level

  1. The Event requires all participants to be in a medically fit and healthy condition during the event.
  2. Any participant suffering from any medical conditions that may be detrimental to their health during the event is strongly advised not to participate in this event.
  3. Participants are expected to provide organizers with correct and adequate information to avoid complications during the event and to ensure proper medical care can be administered in case of an emergency.
  4. Never overestimate yourself and don’t underestimate the difficulty of the event.
  5. The organizers reserves absolute right to allow or deny participation on medical grounds or fitness level without any explanation.
  6. The medical staff on the event day has the right to stop any participant from running if they feel the participant is no longer medically fit to continue to run in the event.

4) Registration

  1. Registration is done via online only thru the official event registration website.
  2. Participants are required to provide accurate information as requested during registration. Inaccurate information will result in disqualification.
  3. Any request for a refund will only be accepted if the request is within 7 days from the date of registration. Refunds will be paid via only online bank transfer minus a RM30 administration fee.
  4. By submitting the online registration form, the participant accepts all the terms and risks that are associated to the event.
  5. The organizers reserves absolute right to reject or refuse a participant’s registration without any further explanation or details.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to the participant for any successful registration. Participants shall inform the organizers via email if they do not receive the confirmation email.
  7. Any discrepancy in the email confirmation shall be reported to the organizers by the participants within 5 working days for rectification. Failure to do this may result the participant being disqualified or unable to participate in the event.

5) Race kit collection.

  1. Participants must produce their confirmation email or IC or passport or valid working permit during race kit collection.
  2. Participants may assign a third party to collect their race kit on their behalf provided the information above (4.a) is produced.
  3. The organizers will make arrangements one week before event date for race kit collection at a designated place.
  4. The organizers reserve the absolute right to change the date and venue of race kit collection. Participants shall be informed via email, announcement on website and social media only if such a situation arises.
  5. It is the participant’s responsibility to collect their race kit at the designated time and place.
    No race kit shall be distributed on event day.
  6. Uncollected race kit shall be donated or disposed of at the organizers discretion.
  7. The race kit contains the participants bib number, event apparel, and other goodies(if any).

6) Withdrawal

  1. No refund request shall be entertained if the request has surpassed the 7 days period from the registration date of the participant. Please refer to rule 3.C above.
  2. Participants are prohibited from participating in this event with someone else’s bib number. Violation of this rule shall be immediate disqualification and the both the participant shall be blacklisted from future events organized by the organizers.
  3. No request of bib transfer shall be entertained.

7) During the event

  1. All participants must run on the designated route that is marked by the organizers. Any deviation from the route will result in immediate disqualification.
  2. Any pacers or motorized or non-motorized assistant will result in immediate disqualification.
  3. Late starters must cross the Start line within 30 minutes of the official starting time. Any participant starting their run after 30 minutes of the official starting time will not be counted as a participant of the event, hence no official results will be recorded for the said participant as well as the finisher medal.
  4. All participants shall obey to the instructions of the organizers, authorities, event marshals and medical staff during the course of the event.
  5. Participants’ individual time is registered at the Start and Finish. Timing at other checkpoints will be registered as well as part of the participant’s results.
  6. A cut-off time of 5 hours from the official Start time will be imposed. Any participant surpassing the cut-off time shall be considered as a Did Not Finish. However the participant will still receive their finisher medal and other goodies.
  7. The organizers has placed adequate safety and security measures as approved by the relevant approving authorities to prevent any misfortunes happening onto the participants. However it is the participant’s responsibility to keep themselves safe at all times during the event.
  8. Any behavior of the participant that may endanger him or herself or other participants shall be immediately removed from the event by the officials of the event. Such participant shall be permanently black listed from the organizers’ future events.
  9. The participant who covers the entire distance in the shortest time will be declared as the winner for each of the category provided there are no grounds for disqualification.

8) Disputes

  1. All complaints and disputes must be filled within 24 hours from the end of the event for the respective categories via in-writing or email. No complaints or disputes shall be entertained after the expiry of the allocated 24 hours.
  2. Anonymous complaints or disputes shall not be entertained.

9) Participants’ tokens

  1. All participants completing the event shall receive a finisher medal.
  2. Participants must collect their finisher medal on the event day at the designated medal collection station. Any requests to pick up the medal after the event is officially closed shall not be entertained, and it is deemed that the participant has waived and relinquished his or her right to claim the finisher medal.

10) Organizers and Organizers’ Rights

  1. The organizers reserve the absolute right to change or alter the running course or the content of the event programme as deemed necessary at any time without prior announcement to the participants.
  2. The organizers shall inform all participants via email and announcement on the event website if the event date is to be rescheduled to a different date for whatever reasons. In the event of a rescheduling of event date, the organizers shall offer the option of a full refund to any participant one (1) week from the announcement. Any request thereafter shall not be entertained, and the participant is deemed to have accepted the new event date. All refunds are via online bank transfer to the participants’ bank account only. No other fund transfer method will be use.
  3. Under the circumstances where the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or other situations that is deemed as an act of god during the event that may posed as a dangerous situation to the participants, no refunds shall be made.
  4. The organizers reserve the absolute right to use any photographs, images, videos or any form of media records of the event and its participants without any form of compensation or prior notice for any legitimate commercial or non-commercial purposes in any medium that the organizers deemed beneficial or non-beneficial to the organization or the event within the territories of Malaysia or outside.

11) Indemnity and disclaimer

  1. Any successful application to participate in the event shall be deemed as a confirmation and agreement of the participant to abide by all of the terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the organizers.
  2. The organizers has taken all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the participants, however every participant in the event agrees to assume all risks associated with the event and undertake to indemnify the organizers against all claims arising from their participation.
  3. The participants agree that the organizers and sponsors shall not be held responsible and shall not be held for any liabilities claims for any injuries or death, damages or loss of property suffered before, during and after the event.
  4. The organizers shall not be held for any liabilities claims in respect to any costs and expenses participants may incur as a result of cancellation or delay of the event. However the organizers will do what is within their means to inform the participants in advance of any cancellation or delays.
  5. The organizers shall not wait or required to wait for participants who fail to meet at the event’s specific meeting point and time.
  6. Foreigners with a working permit or under permanent residence status are responsible for the validity of their working permit or permanent residency. 

Organizer Name : Black Toenail Services
Tel No. :
Email :

Registration Closed

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