Johor Countdown Run 2018

We are proudly to announce that 3rd edition of JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 is officially rolled out.

The objective of 1000 Adventure Bhd is to bring a high quality of race event as well as a superb carnival festival to every one of you.

Apart from the running event, an Outdoor Gear Expo to be featured between 27 Dec 2018 and 29 Dec 2018. Hence, act fast and grab your valuable goods there.

Without you, we would not be here and because of you, we strive to generate more exciting and fun activities in EduCity Sports Complex. As you know that, fireworks show once again will be the event highlight of JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018. We warmly anticipate of your arrival and look forward to have a great celebration night with you on 29 Dec 2018.

This year end, let’s immerse in the atmosphere of JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 and carnival night, it is high time rewarding yourself an unforgettable sweet memories after a fruitful year, and get ready for welcoming another prosperous new year of 2019.

Date: 29th December 2018
Venue: Edu City Sport Complex

CategoriesFlag Off TimeCut-Off Time
21KM Half Marathon (Open & Veteran)8:00pm4 hours
10KM Normal Run8:15pm2 hours 30 minutes
5KM Podium Run8:30pm2 hours
5KM Fun Run8:45pm2 hours
(Open @ 15-39 years old, Veteran @ 40 years old & above)
* Flag off time subject to changes.
Event T-Shirt

Finisher T-Shirt

Date: 27th – 28th December 2018 (Thursday - Friday)
Time: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: EduCity Sport Complex

Date: 29th December 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Venue: EduCity Sport Complex

  • To collect your Race Entry Pack, you must show your IC/Passport or Confirmation Slip (hard copy or soft copy).
  • You may appoint a representative to collect your Race Entry Pack on your behalf. The representative must present your Confirmation Slip. (Hard copy or soft copy).

Important Notes:
  • Appointed representative can collect up to a MAXIMUM OF SIX(6)Race Entry Pack including his/her own, should he/she been registered as participant.
  • STRICTLY NO CHANGES in T-Shirt size.
  • Late collection will NOT be entertained.
  1. Whilst every reasonable precaution to be taken by the Organizer and ensure participants' safety, participants shall participate in this event at their own risks. The Organizer, their sponsors and their appointed officials shall not be liable for any death, injury, loss or damage, suffered or otherwise and howsoever arising.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing with the race to prevent him/her from causing greater harm and injury.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to delay or cancel the commencement of the race in the event of inclement weather. Should the inclement weather persist after delay, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the race at their own discretion without any refund.
  4. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to limit, accept or reject any entries without prior notice and reasons.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notice or any reasons thereof.
  7. The Organizer reserves the right to provide winners with the attire for wearing on the winner's podium. Winners will have to wear the given attire; failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  8. For disputes on race results, only appeals in writing submitted to the Organizer 30 minutes after the official results announcement will be accepted. A deposit of RM50 is required, and it will be refunded if the appeal is successful. The Organizer's decision is final.
  9. Any disputes arising from participation in the JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 shall be referred to Arbitration to be conducted in Malaysia abide by the Laws of Malaysia.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising.
  11. If the weather does not permit (haze / heavy rain), the Organizer has the right to cancel the event, and/ or to give the participants entitlement but no refund.
  12. Race entry is NON-transferable. Those who are found running with an unauthorized race number from the Organizer will be disqualified.
  13. It is compulsory for the participants to display their race number at all time during the race. Failure to comply will result as the participants' disqualification from the race.
  14. All participants are encouraged to wear the Event T-Shirt of JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 during the race.
  15. The Organizer reserves the right to prevent a participant's continuation in the race should they fail to comply with the Rules and Regulations.
  16. Changes of Event T-Shirt size is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during Rack Entry Pack Collection. Participants must adhere to the race Event T-Shirt size that registered for.
  17. Participants must run on the designated path for the entire race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  18. Participants are required to keep at the left side of the race lane so as not to cause obstruction to other participants.
  19. No pets and / or any form of wheel-run objects of transport e.g. inline skates, prams, push cars, shoes with built-in or attached rollers are allowed on the race course other than official race and medical vehicles.
  20. The race route on the event day will be closed to traffic up to 4 hours after the publicized race start time; the road closure will be lifted afterwards. Sweeper vehicles will be mobilized to pick up participants from 10pm onward. Participants are encouraged to board the sweeper vehicles.
  21. All entries are based on a First-Come First-Serve basis unless otherwise stated.
  22. The registration for the event is open to:
    • NO AGE LIMITS for 5km Fun Run.
    • 15 years old and above for 5km Podium Run, 10km Normal Run & 21km Half Marathon.
  23. Once the registration is completed and payment has been made, entry fees for those do not take part in the run with whatsoever reason(s) are NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON REFUNDABLE AND NON DEFERRABLE.
  24. Upon confirmation of participation, changes of category or other details will NOT be entertained.
  25. The Organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without any prior notice and / or when the quota of a race is full.
  26. Completion of the registration form is an indication of the participant's agreement to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018.
  1. When will the JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 be held?
    • The JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 will be held on Saturday, 29th December 2018.
  2. Where the venue of JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 to be held?
    • The JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 will be held at EduCity Sports Complex, Iskandar zone.
  3. What are the available race categories?
    • 21km (Half Marathon), 10km (Normal Run), 5km (Podium Run) and 5km (Fun Run).
  4. Can I bring along my pets?
    • No. Pets are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the race route.
  5. What is a Race Entry Pack?
    • A Race Entry Pack is an Event Pack given to the participants which contains a race bib (with safety pins), a timing device (Half Marathon and 10km categories only), a running Event T-Shirt, and other sponsored items.
  6. Is there a baggage check-in area at the starting venue?
    • Yes, complimentary service for all categories.
    • Baggage system availability: 4pm – end of the event.
    • The remaining unclaimed baggage will be sent over our HQ, late collectors are required to show their NRIC and Full Name to verify on the belongings.
  7. What if I am injured during the race or otherwise unable to finish the race?
    • Participants who are injured or unable to finish the race need not worry, as manned water stations will be located at every 3-4 km mark thereafter. Also, sweeper buses will transport the participants (injured/unable to complete race) back to the finish line towards the end of the race.
  8. What time does each race start?
    • 21km: 8.00pm
    • 10km: 8.15pm
    • 5km Podium Run: 8.30pm
    • 5km Fun Run: 8:45pm
  9. Is there a cut-off time to complete the run?
    • Half Marathon (21km): 4 hours
    • Normal Run (10km): 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Podium Run (5km) : 2 hours
    • Fun Run (5km): 2 hours
  10. Do I still get a finisher's medal and finisher's certificate if complete my run exceeding the cut-off time?
    • Participants who complete the race after cut-off times will NOT be eligible for finisher's medal and finisher's certificate.
  11. When will I receive my Race Certificate?
    • Your Race E-Certificate will be made available to download through within one week after the race.
  12. When will the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) be held and where is the venue?
    • 27th– 28th December 2018, 9am–9pm and 29th December 2018, 9am-7pm, EduCity Sports Complex.
    • To collect your Race Entry Pack, you must show your IC/Passport or Confirmation Slip/Tax Invoice (hardcopy or soft copy).
    • You may appoint a representative to collect your Race Entry Pack on your behalf. The representative must present your Confirmation Slip/Tax Invoice. (Hardcopy or soft copy)
    • Important Notes:
      • Appointed representative can collect up to a MAXIMUM OF SIX (6) Race Entry Pack including his/her own, should he/she been registered as participant.
      • STRICTLY NO CHANGES in T-Shirt size.
      • Late collection will NOT be entertained.
  1. How can I register for the JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018?
    • Online registration for the JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 is scheduled to commence by July 2018.
  2. How do I register if I am under the age of 18?
    • Participants below the age of 18 are required to seek parental/ guardian's consent and fill out the relevant indemnity declaration form as deemed necessary by the Organizer upon registration. Failing to do so, the Organizer reserves the right to decline entry of any applicant under the age of 18.
  3. How am I know if my entry has been accepted?
    • Successful registrations will receive two confirmation emails: Registration confirmation from JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018 or 1000 Adventure Bhd, and Payment confirmation from EGHL or 1000 Adventure Bhd.
  4. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration?
    • No. Registration fee is STRICTLY NOT REFUNDABLE.
  5. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after submitting my registration?
    • No. Changes to personal particulars are NOT allowed once registration completed.
  6. Can I change my race category after submitting my registration?
    • No. Changes to race categories are NOT permitted after registration submitted.
  7. Why is it that I have not received my confirmation email despite registered and making payment?
    • It could be a few reasons why you do not receive your confirmation email.

      The first would be that your registration was not successful and therefore the confirmation email was not rendered.
      It could have been an error in your email address at the point of registration so the confirmation slip was not sent to the correct email account.
      The email has been blocked by your mail server and / or is treated as spam.
  8. What are the sizes for the Running T-Shirt and Finisher's T-Shirt?
    • 7 sizes, 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
  9. When is the registration deadline?
    • Registration will be closed on 15 November 2018 or until sold out, whichever comes first.
  10. What is the minimum age to participate in JOHOR COUNTDOWN RUN 2018?
    • 5KM (Fun Run): No age limits.
    • 5KM (Podium Run): 15 years old and above 10KM (Normal Run): 15 years old and above 21KM (Half Marathon): 15 years old and above
  11. Can I transfer my entry to my friend or family member?
    • No. All registrations are NON-transferrable.
  12. Can I defer my entry to next year if I am unable to run this year?
    • No.
  1. Where will the water stations be located during the race?
    • Water stations are located at an interval of 3-4km of the race course.
    • In addition, there will be isotonic drink stations located every 4km on the course, with the first at the 4km mark for the participants. The end point will be equipped with both water and isotonic drinks.
  2. Where are the fruit stations be located during the race?
    • To be confirmed.
  3. How long will the race route be closed to traffic?
    • In order to ensure a safe and smooth running route for all participants, traffic control measures will be in place during the allocated race time.
    • Once the half-marathon time limit (4 hours) reached, traffic controls will no longer be in effect. To avoid possible accidents, participants who are still running once the time limit has expired, should board the sweeper buses and exit the main road.
  4. Is there any transportation before and after the event?
    • To be confirmed
  5. I’m driving to the event. Where can I park my car?
    • You may park at EduCity Sports Complex internal car park.
  6. How far is the race venue from Senai Airport?
    • It’s approximately 30km.
  7. How much is the taxi fee from Senai Airport to the event venue?
    • It costs approximately RM50 per trip.
  8. What would be the likely weather during Race Day?
    • It would be a typical tropical weather estimated temperature between 24 degree Celsius and 32 degree Celsius.
  1. If there are any disputes in the race results, who can I appeal to?
    • For prize winners or possible prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made on-the-spot within 30 minutes of the published results on the results notice board on-site or immediately after the prize presentation, whichever is earlier at the technical tent.
  1. There are many running spots in Johor Bahru that you can go for training. 4 training venues are recommended by Runners Malaysia ( as follows:
    • Hutan Bandar (JB)
    • Hutan Bandar (Mutiara Rini)
    • Adda Height Garden
    • Taman Merdeka
  1. What if it rains during Race Day?
    • The Organizer will give advice on the attire and also the safety precautions during pre-event.
    • The Organizer will look into the weather forecast 1 week earlier to keep track on the event day situation.
    • Should there be any news or changes we will update through our official event channel.
    • Should the rain continue worsening; the Organizer will allocate shuttle buses to fetch the participants from race route.
Mr. Khor - 012-723 8415
Chun - 019-772 2589
Cy - 012-772 0711
Vincent - 010-669 5664

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