Organs For Love Jogathon 2018

Organs for Love is back again with the theme for this year: Kidney Awareness.

Organs for Love University of Malaya is a cause led by medical students from the UM Faculty of Medicine dedicated to raising awareness on organ donation in Malaysia.

This year, we are organising Organs for Love Jogathon 2018 to spread awareness regarding kidney health and transplant, as well as raise funds for dialysis patients. At the same time, we hope to share our knowledge with the public on the organ donation situation in Malaysia and encourage more pledgers.

There will also be performances, games and booths for you to visit! Come join us for a day of charity and fun-filled activities, while learning more about kidney health, disease and organ donation! Together, we can share the love and give hope to patients in need. We invite you to 'Bring Your "Kids" For A Jog'!

*Proceedings of this event go to The National Kidney Foundation and University Malaya Medical Centre.

1. To raise awareness regarding kidney transplant
2. To raise fund for dialysis patient
3. To encourage more organ pledging

Date: 22.9.2018
Time: 6.00AM - 12.00PM
Venue: Centrepoint, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.
Organiser: Organs For Love

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06.00AM: Registration opens
06.30AM: Registration closes
06.30AM: Opening ceremony,social media shoutout, vip speech
07.00AM: Talk
08.00AM: Warm up session
08.15AM: Jogathon starts
10.15AM: Jogathon ends
10.30AM: VIP speech and performances
11.00AM: Prize-giving and lucky draw
(The tentative is opt to change.)
Category Early Bird
(26 June 2018 until 17 August 2018)
Normal Rate
7KM Run
UM Student RM45RM50
Public RM45 RM50
Group (Minimum 5 pax) RM40/paxRM45/pax
5KM Run
UM Student RM35RM40
Public RM35 RM40
Group (Minimum 5 pax) RM32/paxRM35/pax

**Registration in groups is also available for runners of the different category ( 7 km and 5 km run)

**Deadline of registration is on 31 August 2018

**You must wear and display your BIB number clearly in FRONT of you at all times during the race, failure to do so will be disqualified
Runner's Entitlement Description 7KM 5KM
Runner's Tee
Finisher Medal
Lucky Draw
Trophy ( Top 3)
Cutting Style Size/Length Half Chest Length
Half Waist Length
Shirt Length
Unisex Athlete - Fit 2XS 17” 17” 24”
Unisex Athlete - Fit XS 18” 18” 25”
Unisex Athlete - Fit S 19” 19” 26”
Unisex Athlete - Fit M 20” 20” 27”
Unisex Athlete - Fit L 21” 21” 28”
Unisex Athlete - Fit XL 22” 22” 29”
Unisex Athlete - Fit 2XL 23” 23” 30”


Date: 15th & 16th September 2018(Sunday & Saturday)
Time: 10am to 2pm
Venue: Kolej kediaman Ibnu Sina, Universiti Malaya
*Collect your T-shirt and Bibs
General Terms and Condition
  1. By signing up for and providing any information, personal or otherwise, in order to gain access to any product(s) or service(s) and/or participate in any programme(s), event(s), talk(s), demonstration(s) or any activity(ies) involving the Organizers and the event sponsors (the Sponsors), the individual is deemed to have given written permission for the Organizers and the Sponsors to collect, analyze, collate, share, disclose to third parties, sell and/or otherwise use without any liability to the individual, any personal information relating to that individual as may in its sole discretion deem fit, including without any limitation for its programmes, planning, data- processing, and statistical or risk-analysis, research, fund-raising and/or any other purposes in furtherance of the functions. The Organizers and the Sponsors declare by virtue of being the event owner or sponsor, they can use services of third parties:
  2. The Organizers reserves the right to modify or substitute any of these rules and regulations of the Event from time to time as they deem fit. If there is ambiguity in any of the provisions, the Organizers shall be the authority to interpret and in so doing, the Organizers will take into account the interests of all the affected participants.
  3. The Organizers reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time without prior notice to the Participant, in which case the Organizers will make effort to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event. If the Event has to be cancelled, there shall be no refund of fees paid unless the Organizers deems fit to give a refund and the Organizers shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused.
  4. There will be no fee refund if the event is cancelled for reason of force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organizers and which renders it impossible or unsafe to hold the event.
  5. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the Event race routes as they deem fit for the safety of the Participants and/or to prevent any potential hazards in the running of the event, at any time without prior notice to the Participant. In such cases, every effort will be made to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event. The Organizers shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes.
  6. Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organizers to ensure the participants' safety, participants run at their own risk and the Organizers will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising from training for or during participation in the race. Participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and/or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual Race Day.
  7. The form on the reverse side of the participants' bib number must be completed in full and accurately. Participants must wear the assigned bib number on his/her chest. Participants who are not wearing a bib number will be taken off the course by security officers/officials.
  8. A participant must retire from the race immediately, if required to do so by any member of the official medical staff, Race Director, Referee and/or Security Officer.
  9. Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course other than official race and medical vehicles unless with special permission from the Organizers.
  10. Once registration has been duly processed, there will be no fee refund for participants who do not eventually take part in the Event for whatever reason.
  11. The Organizers reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the Event, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to the Sponsors.
  12. The Organizers reserves the right to limit and/or refuse entry without giving any reason and notice.
  13. The Organizers will not entertain nor be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete or inaccurate entry details in the registration form.
  14. The Organizers does not provide insurance coverage for the participants. Participant is liable for their own safety.
  15. Participants are strictly not allowed to transfer their race entries to another party or change race categories after their registrations are confirmed.
  16. A participant who commences to run before the actual start time of his/her registered race will be disqualified. (Please refer to start time of each race).
  17. Participants who do not start within 20 minutes from respective flag off will be disqualified and for safety reasons may not be allowed to start.
  18. Prizes for winners are as stated in the prize list on the Organs For Love 2018 official website. They are subject to change at any time by the Organizers.
  19. The cut off time for 7km Competitive Run is 2 hours. The cut-off time for the 5km Fun Run is 1 hour 30 minutes. Thereafter the roads will be opened to traffic.
WAIVER CLAUSE : In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, I, my heirs, successors and assigns, do hereby unconditionally waive and release the organizers, this run event sponsors and all person and agencies connected with it from all claims and damages whatsoever, that may arise from my participation in this event, including without limitation, personal injury.

7 km Competitive Run
  1. Prize winners must report to prize-giving zone and await further instructions or verification. In case a runner fails to do so, the Organizers may donate the prize to charity.
  2. All prize winners must present their identification document (Malaysian IC or Passport) for verification in order to collect the prize.
  3. Any disputes or appeals must be made with 30 minutes of the published results or immediately after prize presentation; whichever is earlier. Failing which the Organizers have the right not to entertain any disputes or appeals after.
  4. All participants who successfully complete the 7km Run within the cut-off time will receive a finishers’ medal upon presentation of their BIB number to officials.
  5. All medals and must be collected on event day and no requests will be entertained thereafter.
  6. All participants will receive a certificate of participation which can be downloaded online within one week after the event.
5 km Fun Run
  1. This is a non-competitive event and there are no prizes for top finishers.
  2. Wearing of official event T-shirt is strongly encouraged.
  3. All participants who successfully complete the 5km Fun Run within the cut-off time will receive a finishers’ medal upon presentation of their BIB number to officials.
  4. All medals and must be collected on event day and no requests will be entertained thereafter.
  5. All participants will receive a certificate of participation which can be downloaded online within one week after the event.
Organiser name: Organs for Love
HP no : Beh Yan Chen (016-5980593), Amanda Thien (010-2889354)
Email :

Registration Closed

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Checkpoint Spot (002438388-W)
No 40A, Jalan BRP 1/2,
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