5th Pink Ultra 2019

How does Pink Ultra work

As our main objective is to see more ladies to come and test their endurance level in a safe and secured environment. Besides, it is a great platform for partners, families and friends to come and support your journey.

This will be a great base to see how far or fast you can go. Some will go with time base goal and some for specific distance target. There is no right or wrong, you can walk, you can run, you can run walk, you can run alone, you can go with you partner or kids. There is no limitation, we let you to decide. We just create a platform for you to run and have fun.

Date/day: 06 October 2019, Sunday
Time: 07:00am till 05:00pm
Venue: Paya Indah Wetland, Dengkil

Course: 5KM loop, run in the park (90% gravel 10% road).
Duration: 10 hours
Break: You can take a break at any time you want, please make sure you come to the correct entry point (start and finish).

Cutoff time is 10 hours on the same day at 1700.

There will be 3 distance categories for the 5th edition of Pink Ultra. 

  1. Solo

This category just needs you to run freely with your own pace to complete the minimum distance of 50km (or 10 loops) within cut off time. No string attached. 

  1. Duo

In this category, you need to run with your partner for the entire course of the race; meaning from the very beginning to the end of the race. Both runners need to complete the race together, which one fails to do so may lead to DNF status. The time frame for completing the duo category is still 10 hours for both parties. In this category, it is open for Male runner to run with you. Minimum distance is 50km (or 10 loops) to entitled as race finisher. 

  1. Relay

In this category, you need to run in relay of 3. Each runner will need to run 3 loops and last loop you will need to run all 3 together. Team must have at least 1 ladies in the group. You can run with your partner / kids / friends. Combined distance must be at least 50km (10 loops: 3 loops x 3 runners and last loop all need to run together) to entitled as race finisher.





A - Women’s Junior (15yo to 20yo)

B - Women’s Open (21yo to 36yo)

C - Women’s Junior Veteran (37yo to 49yo)

D - Women’s Veteran (50yo and above)

E – Women’s Master (55yo and above)

Personalized Race bib



Medical support
Event t-shirt

Finisher T-shirt*
Finisher medal

Food and drinks at water station(s)


F – Duo
(18yo and above)

Personalized Race bib (for two)

Timing (for two)

E-certificate (each runner)

Medical support
Event tshirt

Finisher T-shirt*
Finisher medal

Food and drinks at water station(s)


G – Relay
(18yo and above)

Personalized Race bib (for three)

Timing (for three)

E-certificate (each runner)

Medical support
Event tshirt

Finisher T-shirt*
Finisher medal

Food and drinks at water station(s)


Early Bird
until 31st May 2019

until 06th September 2019

Solo 125 165
Duo 250 330
Relay 375 495
Running in loop around Paya Indah Wetland which applies 5km per loop. Do as minimum of 50km to qualify as a finisher of Pink Ultra 2019. Runner with the longest accumulated distance will be declared as a winner.

Minimal support event. No pacer is allowed except for the duo category.

*We believe in your integrity and we will not tolerate for any misconduct or cheaters.
There are ample parking slots at Paya Indah Wetlands. In case there are too many cars, please do not park your vehicle on the road or the roadside that leads to the race site. We will not be responsible for any issue with authority. There are a lot of parking place around there.
Cheating (using other’s people bib, take shortcut, take vehicle). Create any harm to other participant(s), crew or organizer or come with disturbing behavior.
Kindly inform the organizer if you wish to stop so that we can properly record your result.
6th October 2019



0400-0630 Race kit collection
0645 Final briefing
0650 Negaraku
0655 Group photo
0700 Flag off
1100-1200 Lunch (Nasi lemak Pak Abu)
1700 End of race
1730 Prize giving
1800 Race site closed
*will update soon
*will update soon
*will update soon
  • Free flow drinking water
  • Free flow isotonic drink
  • Coke/Mountain Dew/Fanta (available after 10.00am)
  • Fruits (Watermelon)
  • Bread (with Kaya and Peanut Butter)
  • Banana cake
  • Sweet and salty snack
  • Lunch (available 11.00am)
There is no cash prize for the winners. There will be product and trophy for the top 3 winners for each categories.
  • There will be on-site medical personnel to assist for minor injury, any emergency case will be referred to the nearest clinic/hospital.
  • Organizer will provide a basic first aid kit at the Start/Finish point.
  • Participants are responsible to ensure they are fit and healthy before starting the race. Please consult your doctor if there is any doubt.
  • Participants are to accept the risk associated with the race as per indemnity form.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any claim resulted from this race.
  • It is recommended that you have personal accident insurance or health insurance.
As part of our green initiatives, we encourage all participants to "bring your own bottle/cup" which reduces the number of paper cups used on the course. No paper cup will be provided at the water station. Bring your own cup or bottle and mark it with your name/bib number and deposit to us during the race kit collection.
  • Pavement or pedestrian walk or any path should be used as running path during the entire course.
  • Shall there be any rain during the course, the organizer shall call off the game.
Camping is allowed at the designated area only. Please keep the area clean and rubbish-free before you leave the camping site.
Thanks for giving us the chance to celebrate the victory of running the extra mileage in ultra with you fella runners. We will put our best efforts to make this run enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for?

See you at starting line.

Registration Closed

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