1. When will the JOHOR Countdown Run 2016 be held?
  2. Where will the JOHOR Countdown Run 2016 be held?
  3. What are the available race categories?
  4. Can I rollerblade or cycle during the race?
  5. Can I bring along my pets?
  6. What is a Race Entry Pack?
  7. Is there a baggage check-in area at the starting venue?
  8. What if I am injured during the race or otherwise unable to finish the race?
  9. What time does each race start?
  10. Is there a cut-off time to complete the run?
  11. Do I still get a finisher's medal and finisher's certificate if I complete my run after the cut-off time?
  12. When will I receive my Race Certificate?
  13. When will the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) be held and where will it be?


  1. How can I register for the JOHOR Countdown Run 2016?
  2. How do I register if I am under the age of 18?
  3. How will I know if my entry has been accepted?
  4. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration?
  5. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after submitting my registration?
  6. Can I change my race category after submitting my registration?
  7. Why is it that I have not received my confirmation e-mail despite registering and making payment?
  8. What are the sizes for the running singlet and finisher's T-shirt?
  9. When is the registration deadline?
  10. What is the minimum age to participate in JOHOR Countdown Run 2016?
  11. Can I transfer my entry to my friend or family member?
  12. Can I defer my entry to next year if I am unable to run this year?


  1. Where will the water stations be located during the race?
  2. Where will the fruit stations be located during the race?
  3. Where are the Half Marathon checkpoints?
  4. How long will the race route be closed to traffic?
  5. Is there transportation before and after the event?
  6. I’m driving to the event. Where can I park my car?
  7. How far is airport from the race venue?
  8. How much is the taxi fee from airport to the event venue?
  9. What would the weather be like during Race Day?


  1. If there are any disputes in the race results, who can I appeal to?


  1. There are many running spots in JB that you can go for training. 5 training venues that have been recommended by Runners Malaysia (http://www.runnersmalaysia.com.my) are as follows:


  1. What if it rains during Race Day?