Melaka Hatten Vertical Run 2017

This is an event at the new hotel in Melaka known as Hatten Place. Please click for information on the hotel. It is a 45 story building where the start of the tower run will be held. There will be a 2km run in the vicinity of the venue before the participants are directed into the building, to commence ascending the tower.

The Tower run will also be broken into 3 sections. The first section will be run at the section of the mall known as Dragon’s Tail. The runners will traverse the shopping mall connected to the hotel by running up 4 flights of escalators. These escalators are positioned next to long window bays that allows you to look out whilst running up the escalator to a magnificent view of the city. The second section will be from 8th floor to the 15th Floor where the participants will then emerge into the midpoint to run to a second tower block to ascend to the top. The final section will be from the 15th Floor to 45th floor. There will be 2 water stops here and one marshal and a first aider per 5 floors.


You are advised not to push and be hasty in overtaking the other participants. We also advise you to take extra precaution in ascending the stairway. The stair way is narrow and there will not be sufficient space for more than 2 half person width.

The run will complete at the top of the building. There will be a timing mat there and a finish arch. Thereafter, the participants are required to proceed to return to ground level via the elevator of the building to assemble again at the ground level for refreshment ad prize giving. (tentatively - it will be announced if the amphitheater of the Elements Mall will be the venue for prize giving ceremony) and for prize giving and lucky draws.

Date5th November 2017, Sunday
TypeTower Run
Start Time7:15am (Men Flag Off) | 7.30am (Women Flag Off)
Start/FinishHatten City, Elements Mall, Melaka
Distance45 Storey Stair Run (1KM run maybe included)
OrganiserIronGirl Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Technical SupportPacemakers Malaysia
Entry Fee- Registration Fees: RM55
- Registration Fees For International Runners: RM70
- Participants Hotel Rate: RM80 per person twin sharing or RM160 for superior room
For booking please click:
+6017-237 8983
+6012-279 5208
** Note: Please note that an additional 6% admin fees will be charged for online registration services.
A – Men Open (18 years old - 39 years old)

B – Women Open (18 years old - 34 years old)

C – Men Veteran (40 years old and above)

D – Women Veteran (35 years old and above)
  • Event Tee
  • Medal
  • Timing Chip
  • Goodies Bag after run
  • Light Refreshment
  • E-Certificate
A - Men OpenRM1000RM800RM600RM400 ProductRM300 ProductRM150 Product
B - Women OpenRM1000RM800RM600RM400 ProductRM300 ProductRM150 Product
C - Men VeteranRM1000RM800RM600RM400 ProductRM300 ProductRM150 Product
D - Women VeteranRM1000RM800RM600RM400 ProductRM300 ProductRM150 Product
Best Malaysian MenRM800RM600 ProductRM400 Product   
Best Malaysian WomenRM800RM600 ProductRM400 Product   

Participants are advised to refer to the size chart and select their sizes carefully to avoid any sizing issues. No exchanges will be allowed after the confirmation of registration.
Date: 4th November 2017, Saturday
Time: 10:00am – 6.00pm
Venue: Elements Mall, Level 10 Concourse

Date: 5th November 2017, Sunday
Time: 5:30am – 7.00am
Venue: Hatten City, Elements Mall
  1. Confirmation Slip.
  2. Photocopy of National Registration Identity Card (Malaysian) together with confirmation slip if collecting on behalf.
  3. Please note that Race Entry Packs will not be issued on Event Day.
Melaka Hatten City Vertical Run 2017 is organized by Irongirl Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“the Organiser”) in accordance with these Rules and Regulations that are applicable to all participants.

  1. All Participants must register online by providing their names, NRIC numbers, gender, contact numbers and email addresses.
  2. Upon successful registration, each participant will receive a confirmation slip via email. The confirmation slip is the only valid evidence of registration. All participants are required to present their respective confirmation slip during Race Entry Pack Collection Day.
  3. The Event is open to all participants aged 18 years and above (except for Special Junior category). Age qualification is taken as at time of registration.

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing with the race to prevent him/her from causing greater harm and injury to himself/herself.
  2. The Organizer will not be held liable for any loss and/or damage, whether personal or otherwise, to any items during the Event.
  3. Participation is at the Participant’s own risk. The Organizer is not liable for any damages in the event of accident, injury, death or any circumstances, by whatever name, suffered by a Participant as a result of the participation in the Event.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of Participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the Event, for any publicity purposes.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.
  6. Participants are required to wear the race bib at the front and timing chip (if any) during the event day.
  7. The Participant agrees to provide accurate, complete and updated information through the online registration form. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Participant’s registration should any incorrect, untrue or incomplete information be found.
  8. A race confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address to confirm the Participant’s race entry and for race kit collection purpose. Please kindly email to immediately on/or before the closing date if you did not receive any confirmation email. Otherwise, any updates and notices sent to the Participant’s registered email address shall be deemed as received by the participant.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse entries without assigning any reasons thereof.
  10. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details.
  11. Participants below 12 years of age need to seek parental or guardian consent before participating in the Event. Participant’s registration is only valid upon confirmation of payment of the participation fees.
  12. After registration, there will be no fee refund for Participants who do not eventually take part in the Event, for any reasons whatsoever.
  13. Participants are strictly not allowed to transfer their race entries to another party.
  14. Participants are to pick up their race kits on the designated day and the Organizer will not entertain requests for alternative collection day or method.
  15. Participants who wish to downgrade their category (ie. change of category to lower value) must do so before the closing dates. No refunds will be made for the difference in pricing. All requests for change must be in writing.
  16. Participants who wish to upgrade their category (ie. change of category to higher value) must do so before closing dates. Top up of the price difference must be made in order for the change to take place. All requests for change must be in writing

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to prevent and disqualify Participants from the Event and not provide a Finisher’s medal for:
    • Participants who did not wear their allocated bib number at all times during the race;
    • Participants, who commence running before the actual start time of the race category for which they registered.
    • Participants who do not start within 15 minutes from respective flag off;
    • Participants who were found to have transferred or exchanged their running bibs;
    • Participants who did not run in their registered race category; and
    • Participants who did not run on the designated path for the entire route.
  2. Timing will be monitored through a timing device attached to the running bib. The Organizer is strictly not responsible for any faulty timing device which results from attempts to remove such timing device or lack of care for the device.
  3. No pets and vehicles are allowed on the course during the race except official race and medical vehicles.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event without any prior notification and also delay the commencement of the race under any unforeseen circumstances. There will be NO refund if the event is cancelled for reason of force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organizer and which renders it is impossible or unsafe to hold the event.
  5. Strict Rules during Run to observe :
    • Don't rest on the stairs, rest at the corner of the landing.
    • Since the stair case is anti-clockwise (always turning left) please keep to the right if you know someone is going to overtake you.
    • Practice good sportsmanship. Don't push, pull or be a road block to people behind you who needs to overtake you. Allow people to overtake if they are able/strong.
    • The race is not a place for social gathering. No chatting, no socialising until you pass the finishing line. The staircase is very narrow so every inch of free space counts.
    • You are allowed 10 mins at the rooftop thereafter you have to make your way to the ground floor. This is to avoid crowds at the lifts.
    • Pace yourself. All too often people start the stair case really fast until they reach the 10th floor. Start slow, and build speed gradually. Or if you don't have speed, at least try to climb the stairs non stop.
    • No water bottles, no gel packs (you may have to consume and keep in pockets and throw into a dustbin but not on the stair case).

Participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and/ or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual race day. The Organizer reserves the right to stop any participants deemed physically incapable of continuing the race to prevent further injuries.

Personal Data
By participating in the Event, you are agreeing to the Organizer storing and using your information as well as any images shared for any marketing purposes. We will not share your information with third parties unless you have (via other avenues) specifically agreed to us sharing these details.

Finisher Medals
Finisher medals will be awarded upon completion of the run.

Registered participants who do not turn up in person on Race Day will be not be given the medal unless with the approval of the organiser on condition that the runners take it from the organiser’s office.

Podium Winners
Please produce your identity cards or passports upon presenting the winners tag. The winners tag are given to you upon the preliminary result awaiting clarification from the marshalls on the validity of your position according to the checkpoints and the timing system. Upon the clearance of the referees we will proceed to validate the position of the winners and to call the winners on stage for prize giving. Should the referees find evidence that you have not pass the checkpoints or your timing does not reasonably indicate that you passed the required checkpoint whereas the referees has suspicion of any cheating, he will be entitled to disqualify your win, to which your position will be given to the next person coming in behind you.

Timing Chip
A timing chip to be attached to the bib will be issued upon the collection of the Race Entry Pack for participants who have registered.

Refreshment Stations
There will be 3 refreshment stations serving drinks along the Route

Check Points
There will be checkpoints along the route to ensure fair competition and no cheating takes place.

Marshals will be stationed at strategic points to ensure everyone runs on the right route.
Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizer to ensure the participants' safety, participants run at their own risk and the organizer will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising from training for or during participation in the Race. Your safety and wellbeing are your own responsibility. Always run within your own abilities.
+6017-237 8983 = Karen Loh

+6012-279 5208 = Ronnie See

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