Sky Runner Panti Climbathon 2017

Sky Runner 2017 will be the best chance for enthusiastic hikers to go beyond and test their endurance levels as well as experience the essentials of Panti trek. This might be an adventure hike for those who are looking forward to a hiking trail in Johor Bahru. We are welcoming everyone who is interested to attempt mountain climbing for the first time.

Date: 09th September 2017, Saturday
Time: 7:00am
Venue: Panti, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
Starting And Gathering Point: Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort

CategoriesFlag Off TimeCut Off Time
30KM Group7:00AM - 8:00AM8 Hours
15KM Group9:30AM - 10:30AM5 Hours
Reporting Time: 1 hour before your team flag off time.

Please refer to wave deployment list regarding to the flag off time.
Every team must carry the Mandatory item at all times during the event. Team lack of mandatory gear must stop running until the missing gear is fulfilled. Failure to comply can lead to a time penalty or to disqualification based on the severity of the breach.

  • Trail running shoes
  • Personal medication (If any)
  • Fist aid kit
  • Walking Pole
  • Sun block
  • Vaseline
  • GPS device
  • Rain coat
  • Extra clothes
  • Cash
  • Rope (30 meter)

The suggested item list is not necessarily enough for all racers. What you need differs depending on a racer's skill, physical level, weather during the race, etc. It is up to you to determine what is necessary for you and it is your responsibility to bring additional gear that you will need to complete the race safely. Make sure you test all of your gears before the race day.

30km – 18 checkpoints
15km – 12 checkpoints

Participants are required to take a group selfie at every checkpoint.
Also, there will be no replenishment station in each checkpoint.
CP.START 51 hour 15 mins
CP.33 hours
CP.43 hours 30 mins
CP.E7 hours 30 mins

CP.START 51 hour 15 mins

If you miss the cut-off then you are considered as DNF (Did not finish) and must follow the directions of the officials.

Please note that in bad weather conditions, cut-offs may be need to be brought forward during the event.
- Top 10 group will get the trophy.
- No cash incentive for the winning category.
- Top 10 group will be determine by the slowest team members among the group.
*Subject to be changed

Date: 09th September 2017 (Saturday)

6:00AM30KM runners assemble + mandatory item check
7:00AM - 8:30AM30KM runners flag off (total 9 waves)
8:30AM15KM runners assemble + mandatory item check
9:30AM - 10:30AM15KM runners flag off (total 7 waves)
1:00PM - 2:00PMPrizes Giving Ceremony

Date: 8th September 2017
Time: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort
  1. When will SkyRunner 2017 be held?
    - 9 September 2017 (Saturday), 7am – 7pm.
  2. Where will Sky Runner 2017 be held?
    - Gunung Panti, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
  3. What are the available race categories?
    - 30km - 7:00am
    - 15km - 10:00am
  4. Can I bring along my pet?
    - NO
  5. Is there a baggage check-in area?
    - YES. It will be at the start venue
  6. What if I am injured during the race or otherwise unable to finish the race?
    - This is an adventure, where The Organizer expect participants to have their own knowledge in any emergency first aid. That is where the mandatory items take an important role in the race. Unless for any serious emergency, participants would have to take care of their own safety.
  7. Is there a cut-off time to complete the run?
    - 30km: 8 hours
    - 15km: 5 hours
  8. Do I still get a finisher's medal and finisher's certificate if I complete my run after the cut-off time?
    - NO
  9. When will the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) be held and where will it be?
    - TBC

  1. How can I register for the Sky Runner 2017?
  2. Can I register if I am under the age of 18?
    - Sign up the Participant Indemnity Form.
  3. How will I know if my entry has been accepted?
    - You will receive 2 email from EGHL and one from
  4. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration?
    - NO
  5. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after submitting my registration?
    - No. Changes to personal particulars are not allowed once registration is completed.
  6. Can I change my race category after submitting my registration?
    - No. Changes to race categories are not permitted after your registration has been submitted.
  7. What are the sizes for the running singlet and finisher's T-shirt?
    - Please refer to ULTRON SIZE Chart
  8. Can I change the size of my running T-shirt, finisher’s T-shirt after submitting my registration?
    - No. Changes to size of T-shirt are not allowed once registration is completed.
  9. When is the registration deadline?
    - 17 August 2017
  10. What are the payment options?
    - EGHL (Debit, Credit transfer are available at our registration portal)

  1. Where are the water stations?
    - Along the race route, there will be no replenish station, there will be only one checkpoint because we have informed our participants to prepare the mandatory items by themselves. Of course, our finishing line will have one water station.
  2. Where are the fruit stations?
  3. Are there any transportation before and after the event?
    - No shuttle service provided, the race route is located at Gunung Panti
    - 60km driving distance from Senai International Airport (Johor Bahru)
    - 70km driving distance from Larkin Terminal (Bus Station)
    - 57km driving distance from Singapore Custom
    - Carpools are strongly recommended.

  1. What are the prizes?
    - There will be no prizes, The Organizer will only prepare the trophy for the top 10 best team performance.
  2. If there are any disputes in the race results, who can I appeal to?
    - You may lodge the complain to our email, subject “feedback” to Alternatively, you may seek for our operators at the help desk during the event.
  1. Registration is open to all runners over 18 years of age, male or female, with no restriction to any nationality. Participants from 15 – 17 years old may also enroll for Sky Runner (only for 15km) subject to prior consent from 1000 Adventure Bhd and written permission from a parent or legal guardian. They will have to meet the same requirements as the adults.
  2. Each group will consist a minimum of 3 person, maximum of 9 person per group.
  3. 15km participants for this race is ideal for those who runs more or less 10 km daily or participates frequently in any marathon event, especially for the period of 60 days from event date.
  4. 30km participants will run a full distance of this course. Basic requirement for this category is for those who runs more or less 20 km on a daily basis or participates in any full marathon (42.195 km) at least 2 times for the period of 6 months from event date.
  5. Each individual can register on behalf of their teammate.
  6. It will be a mixed terrain that consist hills, flats and then hills. You may run on the paved road, forest trail and river crossing.
  7. The Gear you need for a race like this is different than the one you would take along on a road marathon. We will have checkpoint stations along the way, but this is self prepared basic item, with water and food standby by participants themselves.
  8. You must stay on the Marked Course. Short cuts are not permitted. If you do get lost, return to the last sighted marking.
  9. You will be considered as Did Not Finish (DNF) the race if you are unable to complete the distance of your category within the cut-off time. You will be considered as DNF too if you are unable to reach the designated Check Point within the cut-off time. Kindly cooperate with the official on duty and allow them to carry out the DNF procedure.
  10. If you decided to Quit during the race, kindly report to the nearest Check Point and follow further instruction by the officials. You may return to the finish line by yourself or in case of injuries, wait for medical assistant. If you choose to withdraw before the race you must sign the withdrawal form at the start/ finish point. There will be no re-start after signing the form.
  11. You will be Disqualified (DQ) if you were found cheating by taking shortcuts, use any sort of vehicle for assistance, do not carry the mandatory items or commit any act harmful to other runners and officials.
  12. Cut-off Time. There’s a time limit on a few Check Points to complete the course. If you miss the cut-off then you must follow the directions of the officials. Please note that in bad weather conditions, cut-offs may be need to be brought forward during the event.
  13. Support crews are not allowed on the event race course at any time. This can lead to disqualification of the participant.
  14. The food and beverage (meal) will only be served at the finishing point. There will be no replenish on food and beverage along the checkpoint.
  15. You must carry the Mandatory gear at all times during the event. Runners who lack of mandatory gear must stop running until the missing gear is fulfilled. Failure to comply can lead to a time penalty or to disqualification based on the severity of the breach.
  16. You must obey all directions from marshals and the race organizer.
  17. Littering is prohibited.
  18. Runners intending to break the rules in the case of running with a bib that does not belong to them or running the distance you have not registered for will be disqualified.
  19. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification. Any such penalties are at The Organizers' discretion and are final.
  20. All Cancellations will be made by the present or the occurrence of any disaster such as a hurricane, thunderstorm, landslide and things that can be dangerous to all the participants.
  21. There will be Medical Personnel on standby at the race site. Ambulance service is on standby as well for emergency cases.
  22. Participants are responsible to ensure that they are Fit and Healthy before starting the race. Please consult your doctor if there is any doubt.
  23. Participants are to accept the risk associated with the event as per indemnity clause stated in the registration form.
  24. The Organizer will not be held responsible for any claim resulted from this event. It is recommended that you have personal accident insurance or health insurance.
  25. Each participant expressly foregoes his/ her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race, and undertakes not to take any action against the organizers and their authorized partners for the use of his/ her image.
  26. According to the required BMI Calculation, The Organizer reserves the right to reject any participant's application whose results are under 14.69 and above 34.29 to join this event. This is so that accidents occurred during the race can be minimized.
  27. The link to the BMI calculation is here:
  28. Teammates have to take care of each other at all times. If one of the teammate is injured, other members have to take responsibility to take care of that member.
  29. Every team have to finish the race with all its registered members. If one of the members can’t finish the race, the others will not be considered as finishing the race.

Registration Closed

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